Lifestyle Find: Lacy Steele Mystery Books

This is neither beauty nor style related… And yet it is if you want to get deep into it. Because you want to have intellectual beauty just as much as outward beauty. And, though these books has great style. It’s not really the point. And by reading, you’ll be getting a a lot of food for that for your noggin. Which is a great thing to have!

I’m talking about a certain rash of books that I have been loving! And not just loving but, being enthralled with reading them! The author, Vanessa Gray Bartal is such a great writer! These books draw you in with great characters, humor, mystery & slight romance! It’s perfect!

Unfortunately, the books draw you in so much that you lose all knowledge of time & you end up reading almost 5 books in a two weeks time! But if you look past that flaw in this series, then you will absolutely love this series! The only thing with finishing these books so fast is you want the writer to replenish your supply of a continuation of this series quickly! So if you readily read these books, know that there are only 8 books so far in the series! But other than that, you’re good to get started!

I will warn you the main character Lacy, has a sister, Riley, who I just want to punch… In the nose! She’s terrible. Really she is. And the lacy is dating two guys, Jason & Tosh, who in my opinion are both great guys! Then there’s joe, who, well he’s just a sweet old used-to-be druggie. And then there’s Lacy’s Grandparents. Adorable just adorable. But it wouldn’t be a mystery romance without a lot of twists & turns, so don’t say you weren’t warned! But it’s never a ghoulish read, is pretty light-hearted material!

And the best part is, these books cost $.99 on kindle books! Bargain. These should be priced higher, since the writer is that good but their not! And I really like this price point!

You can find out more about these books: HERE

So there you have it, hope read it and hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do!
: ) -Ryn
Instagram: @RynB


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