DIY Friday: yogurt quinoa

So, this week I’ve found out that I am allergic to oranges… Like totally allergic! And with course of finding out I had to eliminate a lot from my diet, as in coffee 😢, wheat, eggs, almost all dairy sugar & obviously oranges to pinpoint the allergy.
And not to say I do not miss the coffee or cream. But I have embraced a better, healthier way of eating!

All thanks to this quinoa concoction I came up with I can still enjoy my food!
Here’s the lowdown on how to make this:

1. Start off with Greek yogurt(I like to use plain the Greek God brand) in a bowl.

2. Add your berry or fruit of choice. (I’ve been on a blueberry kick)


3. Add your cooked quinoa.


4. Then crunch up some yummy pecans , and that to the mix. (This southern girl loves her pecans!)


5. Then add 2Tbs coconut oil, mini chocolate chips(I used enjoy life, since they are gluten free) & unfiltered honey.


6. Stir & enjoy!



It’s so so good!

Oh and I have to tell you, I used 1/4-1/3 cup of yogurt, quinoa & pecans. I’m not really sure how much I use, since I don’t even hassle with measuring cups! Hahaha!

So I hope y’all try it and enjoy it!

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