Style Find: instant butt lift

Sorry guys that I’ve been MIA for the last three posts! Last week was interesting, to say the least! First no internet. We were switching companies and that meant one day we would go without internet, then later on we went with out A/C and it’s Texas and it was pretty hot! And all the while I going through some health issues, so I was trying to let myself recoup!
But this week I’m ready for action! But I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad I let myself rest from blogging. It was really nice! I’m not saying blogging isn’t relaxing, but just as it’s relaxing, it’s also stress causing. But I’m back that’s the good thing, right?

Now onto the topic of the hour, flared jeans! The new “modern” twist to the tried & true style, the trend for fall/autumn, a slimmer bell right below the knee, and of course hip-hugging, who doesn’t love a good hip hugger?!
The a few things I would advise, would be 1. Watch the length. Make sure that it’s either long enough to wear with wedges or heels. Or you have the hem hit just above the floor about 1/4″ or right to the floor when wearing your shoes of choice. 2. Do not buy these jeans 2 sizes too tight. You do not want to look like a sausage casing. 3. High waisted is in right now, which is what I’m loving. At least try them on, you may surprise yourself and actually like them!

I am thrilled that flared jeans are making a comeback! They just seem to slim me in all the right places. Literally I have been wanting another pair of flares for about a year and a half. And for so long, it was a no go! But this fall its different! I am beyond excited they are coming back that I actually have a pair in the mail being shipped to me as we speak…

What do you think about flared jeans? Yay or Nay?
Let me know in the comments of your opinion on flared jeans is!

Style Find: instant butt lift

Maurizio Pecoraro jeans

J Brand blue jeans

McGuire jeans

Hudson Jeans flare jeans

Pilcro petite blue jeans


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