Etsy Find Fridays: Berlin27Clogs

I feel as if I could’ve lived in the 1970’s… But I’m glad I didn’t! But I do like style trends from that era along with the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s! (And currently, right now!) But, back to the styles, like bellbottoms, (aka flared jeans) Afro hair, tassels & of course clogs! We see in fashion time & time again, bohemian rhapsody at it’s finest! I think free people had something to do with it! Buuut I just love touches of boho! It just makes fashion all the more fun!

I found on etsy this amazing German brand of clogs: Berlin27clogs! They are all leather, wooden heel. And in so many colors! Like legit clogs! And a price tag of $49 + shipping! Whaaaaaaa?!

Here are 5 of my favorites:
Just imagine these popping out from underneath flared jeans or with your skinny jeans! Super cute right?




The last pair is actually $68, due to the buckle, and yet that still is a GREAT price!

Hope you enjoy!
Auf wierdersehen!

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