Things in my noggin: friends

Hi! So this isn’t a really happy post, but necessary for me.

Have you ever felt like things in your life goes stale? Not talking about bread, although that does too! ; ) but just relationships, material, just life in General seems less than it’s exuberant self.
I’m not really sure why I’m bringing this up, unless I just need to get it off of my chest.

This past month has been hard for me.
I feel lonely. Have you ever felt that way before?
Where, even though you have close friends and family around you, you still feel lonely?
And it’s been hard to really push through. To move past the void of not having close gal friends. About two years ago, I thought my life would be different, I was beginning to connect with other girls, a few girls in particular. And for awhile everything was peachy, we hung out with eachother, went shopping, spent time talking about what The Lord was doing in our lives. But then, something happened, and I’m not entirely sure what it was, but it seemed to crumble. My social life seemed to dwindle. The three of them seemed to stay as a unit, but I seemed to become the floater. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing. And from me thinking I had friends, to me thinking what am I going to do, I don’t have anyone to hang out with or talk to, is kind of rough. Even though, I have a large number of “friends”, I don’t have a select few friends who, if I need something or just want to talk, that I can call up and they would be willing to share their time with me.
Now I could very much be in dreamland about that, since it’s been an incredibly long time since having a best friend relationship with another. Think middle school. Since then a lot has changed, like growing boobs or owning two businesses! Hah! But, I mean, it’s just weird. I kinda feel like I have an anti-friend demeanor on me. As it’s warding off friends, when I am trying so hard to keep them. Like I said, weird!
The only constants in my life have been God, my family & you guys! I’m so thankful you read my posts. It thrills me that someone is reading this. And maybe you’re in the same boat as me, maybe you’ve had difficulty in the friend department, I hope we all find our life best friends! The sooner the better!

There is a scripture that I have held onto for dear life the past few weeks which is a different translation than I’ve read before. But I’ve been speaking it over myself daily.
Deut. 28:11-14 which says: I am blessed in the city, I am blessed in the field, blessed coming in and blessed going out. I am blessed in the basket and blessed in the store. My bank accounts, investments, health and relationships flourish. The blessings of The Lord overtake me in ALL areas of my life.

So whenever you’re feeling low, just hold onto this scripture, recite it a few times until you begin to feel hope again.

Discouragement happens to the best of us. But don’t stay down, rise up and the world will call you blessed!

Hope this helps, it definitely helped me, just talking about it to you! Have a happy day, okay?

P.s. I just want to spend time with friends…

2 thoughts on “Things in my noggin: friends

  1. I totally get this, girl! Because I moved to Texas when I was 18, I don’t have any long-time friends here. So many girls are so busy and already have close friends, it’s hard to find a place to fit in. You have some great sisters, and I’ve been blessed with some fun sisters-in-law! Whenever I feel down, I think about how thankful I am for family!

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