DIY Friday: Chanel-esque Sweater

So this is my second attempt at writing this post! ๐Ÿ˜


I taught a DIY class two weekends ago, and the ladies swooned over this sweater! And let’s be honest, I’m swooning over this sweater!
I’m all about Chanel. The brand is a classic, with classic pieces that go with everything. Think about the Chanel jacket, it’s been around since the 1950’s and it’s as timeless as when it was created. The chain on the jackets are the best detail Chanel does to their jackets.
So I recreated the chain look with a sweater, which will be such a classic piece in my wardrobe. But after doing this sweater, I now want to make a Chanel type jacket too! Boucle and e’rything!

(Sorry it’s wrinkled, I just unpacked it!)

What to gather:
*Sweater (I used a V-neck, but you can use a crew neck. Your preference!)
*Chain (I used aluminum chain, it won’t misshapen the sweater or weigh the sweater down.)
*Embroidery floss in the color of sweater. (Use 3 of the 6 threads of the embroidery threads. You will not like it if you use all 6 strands. Because it will knot up like crazy! )
*wire cutters or needle nose pliers

Step 1. Lay your sweater out.
Step 2. Unroll the chain from the bolt ( I bought mine from hobby lobby in ribbon section.)
Step 3. Thread your needle with 3 threads of the embroidery floss. And knot it 2-3 times.
Step 4. Start on one side of hem, place the chain at the bottom of the sweater. Use the needle & thread and start on the inside of the sweater. Loop the chain 2-3 times with the hem. Then you’ll stitch on the chain by inching your way around the neckline with the needle & thread by using your thumb, pointer & middle fingers. Until you get to the other side of the hem. Then you’ll use the wire cutters to cut the remainder of the chain off. Then stitch it down, like how you started it. Wrap it two to three times around the hem & tie it off. An cut the tail.
Step 5. Then do the same with the pockets, if you have pockets on your sweater.
Step 6. And viola! You’re done! You have a tres chic sweater that you just added to your wardrobe!
Step 7. I’m going to try and post some outfits of either me wearing it or my floor…

Hope you enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend! -Ryn


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