Lifestyle Fyle: Current favorites

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get my hair cut on Wednesday! I’m not one to go regularly to the hair salon, but when I do, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Quite literally, actually!

That has nothing to do with my current faves, but thought I should get it out there! Hah!

So my current faves are a little bit of food, beauty and fashion&shoes… So bear with me! And in no way is it in order, I just like putting numbers next to each one…

Beauty faves:
1. Rosewater witch hazel toner.
This stuff is amazing for my face. When I traveled I put it in a travel size spray bottle, and I just spray it on after I wash my face/ do my makeup. It feels incredible! (I picked it up at Wholefoods)

2. Boraxo hand soap.
I came across this hand soap in a restaurant bathroom in Littleton, Co. And I knew I had to have it. Three years later I finally bought it! and this stuff is so great. It’s so gentle for my hands. It is powder form, so I put it in a sugar pourer that I bought, and it’s perfection! The boraxo came from amazon.

3. Tarte LipSurgence in Lucky
I bought this a month and a half ago. I’ve used this stuff soo many times! It’s, quick and easy to just pull out of your bag. I love Tarte! It is a bit drying, but I just use an EOS over or under it.

4. Not your mother’s beach babe texturizing hair cream.
This stuff is amazing. I discovered this in New York. I put a travel size of this onto my order, so I could use my coupon on the other things I was purchasing. And I used it the next time I showered. And oh my goodness, it totally works. I’ve used the sea salt spray before, and it good, but this stuff is so great. (And it smells good too)


1. (Natural) Cherry anything.
I’m a fanatic over cherries right now. I’ve made two batches of cherry pecan chocolate chip cookies, I make cherry lime aids, I put frozen cherries in a bowl, use fresh almond flavored whipped cream on top and enjoy life mini chocolate chips on top. So as you can see I really like cherries, kinda like some girls like pumpkin!


1. Minnetonka ‘kilty’ moccasins in grey.
I love love love these. I’ve had them for two years and I wear them on off days, or casual days, around the house, etc. they are so well loved, that I should probably buy a new pair! But they’re so comfortable and cute. They go great paired with boyfriend jeans.


1. Motorcycle jackets.
I’ve been in a motorcycle once in my lifetime. But I love the look, the feel, the everything about moto jackets! I tell ya, they are so cute. I just made two jackets and I’m so excited to wear them come fall time! Eeek!

2. Oldnavy rockstar boyfriend jeans.
These jeans a wonderful! They’re baggy, they’re snug in all the right places, they’re perfection. These jeans are so comfortable. I should get another pair.

{all pictures are from Pinterest}

Are there any current faves you’ve been loving?

Hope y’all are doing great! -Ryn

P.s. Tune in on Wednesday, my girl Courtney Copeland will be with us and sharing her heart! : )

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