Style Find interview: Reaction Tour


Hey y’all, we’ve all heard about Tom’s, the giving keys & Warby Parker. Those brands are great, but this non-profit is on a whole other level! Courtney Copeland, started reaction tour back in 2012 and has been flourishing ever since! Her cause has received a lot of reactions, where she and a group go to certain part of the world, and is changing the world! Impacting other lives is her game & you should check her out!

I was able to interview Courtney about her cause and non-profit. I wanted to get in on her cause, even with just buying clothes from her site and writing about her cause to let y’all in on this hidden gem too! You can read all about what the do on the website, you can also donate, buy merch or just write them too!
I encourage each of you to go to reaction tour’s website.

Bio: Courtney Copeland has started and led Reaction Tour since May of
2012. Reaction Tour exists to empower kids around the world, through the
display of God’s love, using the avenues of sports, discipleship, dance,
and music. Reaction Tour now annually puts on camp in the countries of
Uganda, India, and Mexico.

1. How did you come up with the idea of reaction tour? And the name? The Lord put Reaction Tour on my heart in 2011 while I was on a mission
trip to Uganda. The Lord showed me a way to reach the kids of the world
through 5 things: sports, discipleship, dance, music, and most
importantly, the display of His Love. It is our hope that the kids react
in such a way when they leave camp, that when they return to their homes,
the people around them also have no choice but to react. That’s why our
logo has the two opposite arrows in the middle of the circle- it’s
actually the chemistry symbol for the word “Reaction.” Newton’s 3rd Law
states, “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

2. What has been your favorite tour/place so far?
That’s a really hard question. Each place is so unique and different from
the other. Everything from the atmosphere to the needs of the children.
However, one thing is constant- they’re all in need of one thing, and
that’s the love of our Father.


3. How has running reaction tour affected you?
Reaction Tour has completely changed my life. Growing up, I never wanted
to have anything to do with ministry. I went to business school at the
University of Arkansas and was sure that I was set for life, under the
impression that I knew what I needed to do to bring myself the most
happiness possible. I was wrong. Since the time I surrendered to this call
of ministry, the Lord has constantly showed me how He really knows the
true desires of my heart. Each day I have grown with more passion for what
I do, than the day before.

4. How has reaction tour inspired you? Reaction Tour has inspired me to be open. Open to the possibilities that
the Lord can plan out, open to the way people think, open to the way
people learn, and open to complete yield to the Holy Spirit- for the first
time in my life, it is easy to keep from doubting the Holy Spirit when I
feel led to do something. It is an awesome state to be in.

5. What is your most favorite thing when on a reaction tour trip? My favorite thing is leaving knowing that these kids were fed- physically
and spiritually. I love getting to bless the children with things they
never thought they would receive- like new soccer cleats, a new shirt,
food, etc..


6. If one were interested in getting involved with the reaction tour
movement, what would be the best way to go about it?
There are a few things you can do to be involved with Reaction Tour.
1. Prayer- we always need prayer. It’s the most important thing.
2. Team- We have a unique team for every country. Prior to each trip, we
post an application online via our Facebook Page- By keeping up with our updates, you
will see information on the dates of when the trips will take place, as
well as when we will be posting the next application!
3. Sponsorship Shirt/Other Product- When you purchase a RT Sponsorship
Shirt, it sends a child to our camp in Uganda, this coming January- one
shirt, equals one child. This means that 21 meals, a pair of shoes, all
transportation, and everything necessary for a child to attend camp for
a week with us. Also, our Tanks and Sweatshirts send proceeds to the camp
as well.
4. Support Financially- We are constantly trusting in God to take care of
everything on these trips. Spiritually and financially. If anyone feels
like He is leading them to donate to RT, we direct them to the “Support”
page on our website.

7. What would one do on a reaction tour trip?
On a Reaction Tour trip, each person is responsible for helping out in
different activities. For example, this January our electives are,
Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Dance, Crafts, and worship workshop.
Each person will play a role in leading these different electives. I like
to compare it to a camp counselor at summer camp.


8. What’s your heart behind the movement?
My heart is that we build not the hope of a child, but the hope of a
generation. We understand that the children we are effecting are the
children that will grow up to be the teachers, doctors, lawyers, and
government officials of the countries we are entering.

9. What can we see in future from the merchandise/plans you have for
reaction tour?

Well, we have just launched our new sponsorship shirt and we are really
trying to lean focus to that! We also have a new Comfort Color Tank as
well as a grey or white Comfort Color Sweatshirt.

10. And since this is predominately a “style” blog, how would you style a
piece of your merchandise in an outfit?
(Whether it be a sweatshirt, tank, tee, etc.)
It seems that I have a favorite way to wear all pieces of Reaction Tour
Apparel. The Sponsorship Shirt is a great, heather grey T with white
writing, so I like to match it with a cute pair of white cutt-offs. The
Chambray Tank is really cute dressed up with jeans or shorts with a
cardigan over it, OR it’s great to wear with a pair of athletic shorts to
the gym! The Comfort Color Sweatshirts are the BEST oversized sweatshirts
to wear all year around. I have to admit that I have two different sized
sweatshirts- one to wear with regular bottoms but an extra oversized one
to wear with leggings!

You can be updated by following her on Twitter/IG: ReactionTour ( also, I hear they’re about to do a giveaway on they’re IG!)
Facebook: WhatsYourReaction and finding ways to help the cause!

Hope y’all enjoyed! And hopefully you’ll go see what reaction tour is all about! Hopefully y’all were inspired and loved reading about awesome things happening around the world!

Check in on Monday, to see how I’ll be styling my reaction tour sweatshirt!
Have a great Wednesday & Thursday and I’ll see you on Friday! ; ) -Ryn


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