Style Fyle: Reaction Tour Sweatshirt

I told you I would show you how I styled this sweatshirt: HERE! I even wore it last Friday & Saturday but I forgot to snap a picture.

It honestly is the softest & comfiest sweatshirt I’ve come in contact with. And I’ve had a lot of sweatshirts in my time.
I’m a sweatshirt girl. I love a good sweatshirt. The temps here got down to 65 degrees and all I thought about wearing was a sweatshirt! I think this sweatshirt and I have a connection now. 😉
If you want one of these sweatshirts, you can get one HERE.


RT sweatshirt | mid rise black skinnies from oldnavy | Sam Edelman griege heels | the 5 teardrop necklace from Maude C. & Co. | a vintage gold necklace. | I like this look because it’s dressy casual. I’ll fold my pant cuffs, then layer the two necklaces together, add the heels & great lipstick.

RT Sweatshirt | oldnavy skinny boyfriend jeans | MIA suede ankle boots in black | Maude C. & co LINKS necklace
I love this outfit, I feel like I’ll be grabbing this outfit continuously throughout the season! It’s a casually chic outfit. I’ll cuff my pant legs, cuff the sleeves of the sweatshirt, add the necklace & put on the boots.

RT Sweatshirt | mid-rise grey camo rockstar jeans | high top white converse.
This outfit is casual to the max, well besides pajamas and a sweatshirt. This is the perfect outfit to go shopping, running around, grabbing a coffee, etc.
the only thing that I’d do is cuff the pants & sleeves of the sweatshirt.

RT Sweatshirt | Oldnavy rockstar mid-rise black skinnies | White Converse
This also is a casual outfit, and yet so comfortable! 70%-80% of my life is all about comfortable. I do like to be chic aswell, but like comfortably/chic.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed! Love y’all! -Ryn

P.s. If you’re in the area of Dallas/Fort worth, November 15th & 16th I’ll be selling my jewels at Funky Finds, read for more INFO. I’d love to meet & see you!


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