DIY Friday: Sequins

Have you ever thought a plaid wasn’t plaid until you add sequins?!

Well, if the answers yes, then here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to add a dash of pizazz(that’s a fun word to say!) to a plaid shirt!


What to gather:
-Plaid button up shirt ( I bought mine from the men’s section at goodwill. They’re usually the softest shirts)
-Rayon embroidery floss
-Sequined fabric ( usually a fine fabrics item)
Pins & needle


1. Clear a flat surface. I.e table or desk. Then lay the sequined fabric face down (sequin side down). You will then place the collar of the shirt on top of the fabric, leaving a 1/4″ of the edge of the fabric, where the collar meets the shirt.

2. You’ll then take the scissors adding 1/4″ around the collar, and cut the fabric.

3. You then have the shape of a collar, only slightly bigger. And you’ll start at the base of the neck, folding the right side of the fabric 1/4″ under and pinning it all the way around.

4. Then you’ll thread your needle with 3 threads of your embroidery floss. And start the blanket-stitch all the way around the collar. Until you’re finished And then tie off.

5. And then you’ll want to iron it on the plaid side. (Don’t do it on the sequin side, it tends to melt!) Since the the sewing process makes it somewhat wrinkly.

And then you’re done!
You have fabulous shirt to wear with whatever you choose! But I must say, a jersey pencil skirt, booties & the sequin plaid shirt would be super chic & cute! Or just paired with boyfriend jeans & a half tuck… Both uber cute!

Hope you enjoy! See you on Monday!


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