Travel Guide: NYC

Start spreading the news, I am leaving today.
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York.
These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York.

I forgot to post about my latest trip to NYC, New York New York, the big apple, call it what you will!
It wasn’t the trip I thought it would be. (Mainly since I got a terrible virus) but still had a great time there! We(meaning my mom and I) wandered everywhere! We mostly did as the locals did. Which I ain’t complaining!

Now I will say this, never have too many expectations for the city, because the city in actuality is rather large. And there’s so MUCH to do there, that you may not get to do half the things you wanted to do! But I’d for sure make a list.
We’re slowly but surely making a list of places we’d like to visit again. I just love New York.
New York you have my heart. The people are sweetest & kindest bunch I’ve been around, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m from Fort Worth, who’s people claim to be the nicest people you’ll ever hope to meet.

So we stayed in Rutherford, New Jersey. Which was rather convenient. You can get into the city by train or bus from there and it will cost you a whopping $8 round trip. (NJ transit buses are very clean and friendly, just FYI) Rutherford is rather small, but we stayed at the renaissance hotel. Since my classes where I was teaching was there too. And right across from the hotel, there’s a restaurant/deli named Harold’s, if you ever decide to go to Rutherford, eat here & order the cheesecake in my honor! You’ll be surprised for sure!
I kind of want to stay in Seacaucus next time.

So we got there on Tuesday and left the next Wednesday. We had 5 days to explore (or so I thought) & 2 days to teach.

As I said we arrived on Tuesday, we got in, took a cab to the hotel, then switch hotels, went to Harold’s & Trader Joe’s and then went back to the hotel.

On Wednesday, we ventured out into the city, going to Dean & Deluca first, then we headed to Duane Reade. And made our way to the garment district and made it to the infamous mood fabrics! (Where I bought so wonderful linen knit fabric, A haul will follow soon.) Then we went to Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse owned by Willie Degel from restaurant steakout on the food network.
From there, we headed to Macy’s. Ahhh Macy’s. If you go to NYC, go to macys, it makes you think you’re getting gypped with Macy’s in your own town. But I love the wooden escalators, the Starbucks on the mezzanine, the ENTIRE 3rd floor designated to women’s shoes, with 6 clearance rooms & the cosmetics! Anything & everything you could possibly want is there. But before we got there, we stopped at Joe Fresh and I picked up a tee shirt and nailpolishes. And then we headed back to our hotel.








Thursday: we hit Dean & Deluca again, surprise surprise! And planned to go to Grand Central Station. We were on our way, but got side tracked by needing to find a restroom. We finally found a restroom at Bryant park. (My favorite park so far!) and then decided to go in the New York public library. Never found the books, but the gift shop was great! Then we walked the rest of the way to Grand Central Station. making two stops to Sephora. We never made it into the famous part of grand central, but we did make it to the food terminal. Where we were going to go to shake shack, but the line was so long(little did we know, until the next day!) so we opted for Junior’s cheesecakes instead, I ordered the 1/2lbs hotdog, it was ginormous! And then we got shake shack milkshakes after. Kinda wish we had gotten junior’s cheesecake instead! Anyway after that, my mom’s back was hurting so we took our first official cab ride, and the cabby almost killed a guy crossing the street! 😳 we ended up going back to Macy’s to go get mum some shoes. She opted for nike’s. Then we headed back after that.














Friday: today was the tipping point for me. We got into the city. Headed to D&D, got our drinks, and headed to Times Square shake shack…. It was PACKED! Beyond packed, and that was supposedly a slow day! I ordered a burger, fries & half/half tea(half lemonade/ half tea) & mom ordered what she wanted. And then the sweetest family gave us they’re table when they were done. And we were able to bless another family with the table after we were finished. I then stood in line again get a shake and I bought a Mast Bros. Chocolate bar. And the we decided to leave and go back to the hotel. Well, later that night, I became really hot and and my stomach hurt tremendously. And throughout the night I had food poisoning like symptoms.

And the next morning, was the first official day of ETANY and I was supposed to open my booth at 8:00, but I was just too miserable to do so, so I stayed in bed until my class was about to start. And made myself teach. And then after I went back to bed. My mom helped out a TON! She was my go-to lady!
Then on Sunday, I made it to my class, still feeling gross & not myself. And I taught it. (I’ll write more about the classes later!)

Then Monday rolled around, and I still wasn’t feeling up to par, so we stayed at the hotel & made a Harold’s & trader joe’s run. And then went back to the room.

Tuesday was the last day we would be able to go into the city, so we went to spandex world, spandex house & mood fabrics, and then met up with my good friend Whitney! We then took a taxi to Chelsea market and grabbed lunch at friedman’s, so yummy! And then headed back to port authority and then to Rutherford… And then on Wednesday it was bye bye New York, hello Texas! Though I love NYC, it was good to be back home. (Since my mom was showing signs of the same virus…goody) I miss the city like cray cray. But it’ll just have to wait until next time!





I know this was so long, but with a post about NYC, it can never be too short either! Until next time I travel there for work & leisure! Have a great Monday! -Ryn


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