Style Find: haul from NYC

Do you ever either make up songs or give an old song new life when cooking? Last night I was chopping up beets to sauté them, and with out a doubt I started singing “and the beat goes on, and the goes on” very punny, right?!

Anyways, so I did buy a few things in NYC, (as I told you in this post)but not as much as I thought I would have… But I bought a TON of fabric! Like 10yds of linen jersey! I mean, I went hardcore on buying fabric, and I knew I couldn’t get this type of quality in The dfw area! And 10 yards wasn’t even half of what I purchased for fabric! 😳


As you can see I only bought one colorful thing… But I did get a navy piece and an olive green piece! Although, those are still considered neutrals. But none the less, they’re mine now.

Now if you were to ask a sewer, designer, crafter, etc. what they’re going to make out of each fabric, they may or may not tell you, we’re mysterious that way! But I’ll give you a rundown of what I’m planning on making: olive and black leggings, black leggings with leather knee patches, a denim S/S top, cute tees… That’s all I know for now, but I’m gearing up to make all of that! : )

And now for the ready to wear pieces I bought, which is only 1 item, but I bought a chocolate bar, deodorant and a ring, does that count?


-That sweatshirt! 😍 I love it! I wanted something New York themed, but not sure I loved the typical ‘I ❤️NY’ slogan. I think it’s too generic for my taste. But when I found this in the basement of Macy’s I fell hard for it! It reminds me so much of Madewell. That style that I knew it would a great piece to have in my wardrobe.
-Mast Brothers Chocolate bar, do I really have to go into detail with you on this? It’s mast bros. chocolate! They use the finest ingredients to each chocolate bar, never to have milk touch their bars. I just had to get one. I wish I had bought one from Dean & deluca, but oh well!
-Lavanila the healthy deodorant. I bought this on the day we hit up two sephoras, since it was a particularly hot day, I needed some smell good type items, if you know what I mean!
-Square rose gold ring I bought from the line Cynthia Y Bakoff in Chelsea Market. My friend whiten had two rings from them, and I just had to have one too! I’ve been wearing it so much lately!
And last but not least, I popped into Joe Fresh and bought four nailpolishes & a grey slub v-neck tee. Clearance was 50% off the lowest clearance price! Whoop whoop!

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed! See you Friday! -Ryn
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