Etsy Find Friday: She Is Clothing

Yesterday was a Bugga! (Bugger) we went all over. But right when we were leaving, It seemed like just one of those mornings… You know those ones… The crappier ones. So I said to myself, “is it going to be one of those days? Because if it is, I’m going to kick today in the butt!
And it changed my mood and it was a great day! So, if you’re having a not so great day, choose to kick it in the booty!

Now onto the Etsy find!
She Is clothingg is a great reminder that women are strong. We are strong human beings. We may not always act like it, talk like it, think like it, etc. But you & I both know that we are. We know how far we can make it, how much we can actually handle. She is Clothing’s design concept is designed around the scripture proverbs 31. In that whole chapter it talks about being strong, fruitful, destined for greatness. It’s a scripture specifically for women. To stand on, grow from, gain hope from it. The business hails from British Columbia, Canada.

I found this business through Instagram from someone I follow, and then I started following she is clothing. And now I want a tee from them! They’re cute, not over the top, I assume it’s in French. What more could you possibly want!

Here are a few styles I like:
The original: Elle Est Forte (she is strong) | $26.95 | S-XXL

Gold foiled | $29.95 | S-XXL

The Original Tank | $27.95 | S-XXL

The original: Black on black | $29.95 | S-XXL

Hope you go look at their items and possibly buy a few! Christmas is coming, ya know!

Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon! -Ryn


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