Lifestyle Fyle: my NY classes

I know I know, I’ve shared way too much on the New York subject, but I just love it there. Even through the chaotic, speedy, unruly areas in NYC, I still find peace in everyday tasks or ventures. It’s a place for me to find inspiration. I wanted to take pictures of street wear, though I just couldn’t.
This’ll be the last post for awhile on NYC (tear) but I’ll try and manage to put New York in posts again. ; )

Onto the classes I taught on saturday & Sunday of ETANY(education for the textile arts; New York)

Saturday: it was the class “all in the chicest details” Where I taught about adding details to your garments. Not being afraid to make a statement in your wardrobe. To think outside the box. To go to anthropologie, Madewell, freepeople & high end designers and look at how they create and add details. It’s not a crime to copy a detail you see on a garment. Clothes can not be copywrited.
It was in a laid back setting, I was able to sit down and think before talking. I really liked the feel of it. It was relaxed and inviting. I only hope the ladies had a great time & was able to leave the class being able to add a new spin on their garments. I met some of the 10 sweetest ladies, that I think about constantly. Here’s Tomasa from! Love her!
She even drafted, draped & made her top that she was wearing!!!! Go her!
I’m bummed I never got a group picture, I need to be better about it!

Sunday: And then on Sunday it was “transform what you have” tapping into DIYing your clothes. With many examples, and I could have brought more but my luggage was stuffed already! But they received all of the information I had well. The ladies loved the cardigan with the chain around the neck. And wanted to do it right away!

The thing is with teaching, I never in a million years thought I would ever teach, share my knowledge yes, but teach, no way Jose! But with teaching comes a responsibility to be well spoken, to get your point across, to actually know what you’re saying & to firmly believe in what you do. Are there things that you can always learn from, you bet. I took away some thing from the classes that I taught to improve. And that’s okay! The mistakes I made, will not knock me down. I’ll just change the formatting. (Plus it looks great on a résumé; that I teach…even if it’s sewing!)
And here are the lovely women & me at the end of my class!


And here are a few pieces I’ve made so far:

I could have just used the burgundy French terry for the whole jacket, but to add a whole new look to this jacket, I decided to add this gorgeous lace on top of the French terry. | Silhouette pattern #914


For these two blouses I used my own pattern. I traced an already made blouse that I bought, then made my own blouses out of it.
Then I cut out my fabric, folding the pattern in half, for the bottom & the top. And the sewing it all together. This also works, if you only have a small amount of fabric to use.

This blouse, I bought the fabric from New York. And I saw a shirt similar in Madewell one day, with the vertical stripes & horizontal stripes in sleeves, and knew exactly what I was going to make! | similar McCall’s m6992

And last but not least, I made a waffle knit kimono in heathered grey. I added detail, by adding a zipper up the back. And studding around the sleeves and neck. | McCall’s M6468 out of print

I did make more, however, I’m not showing you right now! ; )

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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