Style find: are you a good Hyouman?

Whelp! That’s a first for me… Today I fell through an outdoors trampoline. (thank you Texas sun!) my niece was on my hip, and we were about to get off and the black part snapped to smithereens! It happened so fast. But all I can say is, my angels were there for me! It could’ve been ALOT worse. But it wasn’t! PTL! I’ve imagined different scenarios of things and I’ve always imagined myself, like Michael Ore, when he and his little brother get in the car wreck in Blindside. If you haven’t seen blindside, then you probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but if you have, keep with me & just nod… But today was much like that scene. I protected my little niece. And I thank God for the instinct of protection! To protect her.

Now onto the review! Here’s how the company good hyouman started:

The day that changed my life…I slowly opened the door to the hospital room to see that my mom and my grandma were assisting my dad. He was embarrassed and I could see it, almost like he was letting me down. I closed the door and walked to the end of the hall to a corner. I paced back and forth. It was the worst thing I had ever felt. I couldn’t breathe. All I could say is “not my dad…please don’t let my dad die.” It was the worst feeling I had ever felt. My brother walked over and tried to calm me down but I couldn’t stop pacing. Everything was moving so fast, “This is not real. What about my mom? Please NO.” I was so angry and scared. The nurse came over and the first thing I asked her was, “Tell me he’s not going to die today, please.” She said “he won’t.” Eventually we all went down to the ICU. Our whole family was in the room while he battled his up and down heart rate. We made a bed to sleep on the floor which they said we couldn’t do, but there was no way we were leaving his side. It was around 11:00 and me my mom my brother and my brothers wife were the last ones, the rest of the family was coming back in the morning. We camped around him and held his hands. A little while later a doctor came in and checked up on my dad. He looked into his eyes with his little flashlight and looked at us as if “no one told you yet?” A couple minutes later my dad’s heart rate began to slow down. I walked out of the room into the hallway. “This isn’t real.” Not my dad…not my family…please.” I heard the door close and looked back down the hall. It was my brother. That was it. I knew he died. David Novek. The greatest man you could meet. Gone. I had to walk back in to help everyone gather his belongings. I grabbed his shoes. What do we do now?

I started this company in memory of my dad, the man I strive to be, the man whose memory will never be forgotten.

– Brett Novek

This is a company that is just cool. It’s called Good Hyouman, if you missed it! ; )

I found out about this company through Instagram and the boutique Duck & Dressing in West Monroe, Louisiana. (Which I have yet to visit, but trust me, I want to and will soon!) and I was hooked!
The only negative comment I could make would be that when I received it, I felt a little let down(probably on unrealistic expectations), on the quality of silk-screening at first. But it’s grown on me. I actually like it.

Aren’t they adorable!? Check out their blog HERE. (Photo from duck & dressing’s Instagram)

I know I post a lot about t-shirts, but that’s what I wear on a day to day basis. I love how you can layer tees. And These particular tees are just buttery soft. So soft! I want to bathe in the softness. They have the best messages on them. Now, not all are my cup of tea, but the good outweighs the bad in my opinion. But about 75% are shirts I would wear. And wear proudly.
I bought two Aguilera muscle tees in faded black with an order I purchased for family for Christmas, and though I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet, I know I will!

I have styled them for photo-ops. At least that’s a step, right?!

Old navy skinny boyfriend jeans | MIA black suede ankle boots | vintage gold chain necklace | Bordeaux moto jacket

ON Black destroyed skinny jeans | Nordstrom Burgundy sweater | Anthropologie tan ankle boots

Burgundy sweater | old navy Grey camouflage skinny jeans | anthropologie tan ankle boots

Grey French Terry kimono | Nike wedge tennis shoes | oldnavy skinny boyfriend jeans

ON skinny BF jeans | Anthropologie tan ankle boots | Nordstrom military jacket

Here are few messages I love too!




They even have littles tees! Aren’t they the cutest!
{these photos are from good hyouman Instagram)

I think y’all should get these tees, at least one! I can relate to Brett, I also named my design business: Maude C. after my Nana in memory of her; Doris Maude Clark.

Another great thing is that the are made in the U.S of A, in Los Angeles California! : ) We have to support 1. Smaller businesses 2. USA made products.

And the thing is: everyone does have a story, what’s yours?

It’s been fun, let’s do it again! See you on Friday, for DIY Friday! -Ryn
P.s. I’m asking for two more good hyouman tees for Christmas! ๐Ÿ™Š

*Disclaimer: I bought these products with my own money. My opinion is my own. These are my words totally. No one is paying me to give a great review of their products. I don’t like to give negative reviews, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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