DIY Friday: studded + ripped sweatshirt


It actually feels like October! I can smell cool weather in the air! (That could be because I’m in Wholefoods, but I choose to believe it’s getting cooler!) I have high hopes for autumn! It will not let me down, it never does! : ) I’m ready to watch fiddler on the roof, sound of music, serendipity, you’ve got mail etc. While under a quilt with a chai tea in hand! : )

Here’s an easy tutorial of a sweatshirt you can use for autumnal nights!
As I’ve said lately, that I love a good comfy sweatshirt. I’ll this one lots, I even took this one with my to NY. But it’s edgy, comfy, cozy & chic. Four things that I love!

So here what you’ll need:
Sweatshirt (GAP is where I bought mine)
Studs (etsy; Mesmeric Matters)


You’ll take the sweatshirt neckline, pinpoint where you want to put your studs around the neck. I used between 2-3 studs, then a small gap pattern 3/4 around the neckline. You’ll then take each stud, put it through the sweatshirt, using your scissors to fasten each prong on the back of the stud.
You’ll then take your pair of scissors cut against the neckline, maybe an 1/8th of an inch away from the ribbing/neckline, and cut in the area you left clear of the studs. Then if you want it to really look holey, then also take you scissors around the ribbing of the hem of the sweatshirt.
And then through it in the washer and wash & dry it. It gives off a really awesome deconstructed look. : )

Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading! 😘


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