Lifestyle Fyle: Crystal Yates album release

Was that just a dream last night? Pinch me. No, it definitely was not!

Last night was incredible! I was invited to go to Crystal Yates’ album release concert & party, (it’s still on pre-order but you should buy it: HERE!!!) The concert was great. It was so good! I love her voice, the swampy songs & I personally think Dara Maclean & Crystal’s voices would sound insanely good together, that’s just my opinion!
You just need to buy the album, you’ll love it, if you love The Civil Wars/country type music or even if you don’t love that type music, you’ll still love it!
It was a first of many of being on a guest list! Which was cray cray!
I brought with me, my lovely sister! I love spending time with her when I can! The event was in McKinney TX, so we had plenty of time to talk and chat. About everything: dancing with stars, Sadie Robertson, thing that make us happy, falling through trampolines, Christmas lists, birthday lists, the album release, who Crystal was, etc.
It was fun!

And she was very merciful with me last night, since she had to work in the morning, after the show I introduced myself to Jennie R., because Will (Crystal’s husband) gave my info to her weeks ago, about styling her for an upcoming event(ahem The Dove Awards) . So I introduced myself and was offered an impromptu styling session last night, since she was leaving on a jet plane in the wee hours of the morning. So I talked it over with my sister and we headed to Jennie’s house. We started the styling process until everything was perfect! We found THE outfit! Hallelujah!
Jennie is such an influential person in the Christian music genre. I remember last year, when a dream dropped into my heart about working with Jennie & styling for her. I ‘shelfed’ the idea and really didn’t ponder on it too much after that.
She’s an awesome lady & I’m so happy I got to work with her! She even started calling me her stylist before the night was over!


Let me tell you, The Lord orchestrated last night beautifully! He put the two of us together, how I’m STILL not sure! But I’ll tell you, he cares about your dreams coming true! Timing is everything!

Last night was so awesome! I loved it! Thank you Crystal & Will for the invitation! I finally got to go to one of your gigs! Whoohoo! Hopefully I can come to another one! : ) love y’all!


A group who prays together, stays together!

Thanks so much for reading! And I’ll see you on Wednesday, when I talk about my skin care routine! See y’all then! -Ryn


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