Etsy find Friday: Heads On A Wall Decor

Home decor comes in waves with me. Some days I love it and I want to redo everything & other days I could care less! I’m currently wanting to get a duvet from ikea because the comforter I have has multiple ink stains, from me leaving my le pens uncapped! Oops! And I wouldn’t mind getting some velvet curtains while I’m there! And I just night some wrought iron pieces to make shelves out of for my studio! I’m on the decor wagon right now for sure!

And these HeadsOnAWall animal heads are perfection. They’re adorable and I wouldn’t think twice about hanging these on my walls! And for those of you who care, they’re vegan! ; ) No animal was harmed in the making of these!

This business hails from Michigan. The creators, Brian Durham:

Heads On a Wall was founded by my 15 year old son and myself. Two years ago my son joined Tech Shop in Detroit Michigan and started creating items using their laser cutter. After driving an hour each way 4 to 5 days a week I decided it would be easier and more cost effective to purchase a laser cutter and put in my house. Since then we have designed and created projects using our laser cutter. After building a simple deer head from, we have progressed to our current designs of many animals with more to come. All revenue from our shop goes into a fund to pay for my son’s future college education.

Here are few of my favorites, aren’t they cute?!



20141010-105745-39465076.jpg $20-$80

20141010-105948-39588752.jpg $20-$40

These would be great on my deer head wall! Especially with the deer!

Y’all go give HeadsOnAWall some love! With either a follow, like or from purchasing from them! Christmas IS coming! Could be the perfect gift! Enjoy!

Thanks for ready! -Ryn
Instagram: @RynB


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