Beauty Find: Liptiful tool

If you have not heard about these liptiful tools, where have you been? I’ve posted about it here, and Kandee Johnson posted a tutorial video about it too! It’s such an awesome product, I love the way my lips look after using it. They’re so plump and full… Ahhh!
This is basically a suction cup for your lips. It’s made out of clay, hand painted. Durable & adorable. A precious family from Alabama created this product. Patent is pending on it.

I’ve used it consistently for a week & a half. And each time I’ve used it my lips seem to plump more.
If you’ve ever had dental work done, and they shoot you with anesthetic, and your lips feel so fluffy?, puffy! Ah yes that’s the word! It feels a lot like that!
If this is what my lips should look like if I ever have injections done, I’m sticking with it! It’s affordable compared to the hundreds of dollars I would spend just on injections. And the best part is, it’s NATURAL. There’s is nothing going in your lips or body, that could harm you. The thing is with this tool, is it exercises your lips. You can actually build up collagen in your lips. It causes a natural pigment to your lips, meaning with all the sucking, it brings the blood to your lips and makes them have a great coloring. It’s helps with dry lips too. The sucking also bring moisture to those lippies of yours. And your lips look great in the process!

If you’re are seriously lacking in lips, or you just want plumper, firmer, fuller lips you should definitely try liptiful out.
I actually enjoy doing it. Currently doing it as we speak. You will feel a slight tingle. But I just feel like that’s a sign that it’s doing it’s job! But try not to suck too hard… You will end up with a hickey around your mouth…

Here’s what my lips looked like before I plump them:


Here’s right after:

20141013-020845-7725631.jpg they look so much like Tanya Burr’s lips!


Here is what it looks like a little deflated:


And here is where I’ve put lipstick on them:


As you can see much improvement! And the great thing is, this tool is so small you can take it with you for the day, just throw it in your bag and use it throughout the day. Not sure you’d want to do it in public, but there’s always restrooms for that, right?!

You can purchase liptiful on amazon & etsy! And they have multiple shapes and sizes to be customizable to your lips. If you need help, the creator/owner is the sweetest & she’ll totally help you out if you message her!

I strongly encourage you to get one. They’re wonderful!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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