Style Fyle: Plaid

Autumn has finally hit in Texas! Woo! And that’s when my style seems to be the executed well, when it’s chilly out and outfits just seem to form! It also seems like I get the most compliments then… Weird.

It’s autumn, and all I want to do is go thrifting… I love thrifting for plaids. I usually shop in the men’s section, because I hate to deal with darting & length with women’s shirts. I want the feel of a baggy, roomy, cozy shirt wrapped around me. So I can pair it with leggings or skinny jeans, with boots or heels. That’s ALL I want.
Now unfortunately my thrifting buddies have all moved away : (, so I’m going to have to find new thrift buddies! : )
P.s. The ’90’s are back, with wrapping plaid shirts around your waist or hips. But this time, it’s so much cooler to do so.

Nothing says Fall quite like plaid, at least that’s what I think! ; )

Here are a few plaids that I’ve paired with outfits:
Plaid thrifted shirt | burgundy lace jacket | flair jeans | lace up shoes | vintage jewelry
The plaid shirt, is a women’s shirt, but I really like it.

Burgundy lace moto jacket | dark wash flare jeans | caramel sidewalk skimmers | wrap leather cuff |

Checked B+W Shirt | Black Skinnies | Cole Haan Penny Loafers | military jacket

What I’m on the lookout for are more plaid flannel shirts with red in it. And also a black & white one. : )

And I’ll probably do another set of plaid pictures for you to view, just warning you now! ; )

Happy Wednesday and see you on Friday! Xo, Ryn
IG: @Rynb & @maudecco

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