Beauty find: Mally eyeliners + elf sharpener

I’ve been into colored eyeliner for awhile. I’m not usually one to reach for black eyeliner. It’s a bit too harsh for me, but give me a navy, brown, green etc. one and I’m good to go.

I remember not allowing anyone, and I mean ANYONE to put eyeliner on me. I had a massive fear that they would miss and stab my eyeball(I had quite the imagination), I guess! So for the longest time, I would just go without eyeliner.

Awhile later, when I finally got into wearing eyeliner, I discovered Ulta’s brand of retractable eyeliners. I liked those, but they seem to dry out quickly.
But on one particular Christmas, my mom had put a pile of makeup on the floor for my sisters & I, to duke out. Which we each got a fair amount of things. But in that pile, were Mally eyeliners! Oh my gosh! They’re so good! Creamy, easy to glide… Perfection really. Perfect for smudging. My kind of line. (I haven’t gotten into the flick yet…)

These Mally eyeliners are pencils, so you need a good pencil sharpener. But that’s where the Elf cosmetics sharpener comes in. That sharpener rocks. I was using a pencil sharpener and it kept eating up the eyeliner, so I decided to put a sharpener on my Christmas list. But I quickly removed it from the list, because I picked up the ELF one for a dollar. Yep, you heard me correctly! $1. It was worth a shot. That just so happened to be great. It’s sharp, it makes fine points, it doesn’t destroy the pencil! It’s wonderful! I can’t say enough good things about it!
But, These are my go to pencils I reach for most days. The Mally ‘evercolor starlight waterproof liner’ in starshine(silver) & deep olive(green).
And I line the eyes with the green, use a smudge brush and smudge it all. Then I use the silver on-top of the green on the bottom lash line. The silver give it a nice metallic finish. I love that it’s not a run of the mill look. But I can use some color for my everyday makeup look. : )

Hope you try the elf sharpener & At least one Mally eyeliner. They’re worth it. Thanks for reading!
See ya Wednesday! -Ryn
IG: @RynB

Moral of the story, don’t use a regular old pencil sharpener for your eyeliner. It’s just not good. No. Huh-uh!

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