Style find: plaid scarves

It seems like every time I log onto Pinterest, there’s a pic of a plaid scarf. Usually the same one, that one Zara sold last year and the year before. But who’s counting!? I finally just bought fabric to make one(which will hopefully be a tutorial soon). But I haven’t owned a plaid scarf before. And I’ve wanted one for about 2 years now. Thank you pinterest. Now the weather just needs to cooperate. Or I’ll be wearing it with a tee & jeans.

Now the thing about scarves, is: They’re awesome. You can layer it in so many different ways. The variety you get with styling one is splendid. You can layer it over tshirts, jackets, sweaters, dresses, etc.
I should know, I have a whole closet full of ’em! Scarves I mean, although I have a TON of clothes too! 🙊 You can style them as jewelry, in lieu of a necklace just thrown on a scarf. Or you can mix prints, say you have a polka-dotted pair of pants and a plaid scarf. You definitely could pair them together, just keep the dots smaller or neutral. Another great way to style a scarf would be to add a graphic tee, with skinny jeans, boots and a cardigan, and then throw on a scarf. Perfection! The choices are endless. And you’ll choose the best style for you, but here’s just my imput!

Style find: plaid scarves

DKNY wool shawl

Kate Spade plaid shawl

Plaid shawl
$41 –

Plaid scarve

Charlotte Russe long scarve

Plaid scarve

Plaid shawl

Plaid shawl




And then here’s how I would pair a plaid scarf with a v-neck tee:

J.Jill Tee | oldnavy Rockstar skinnies | anthropologie booties | red plaid fabric | Madewell leather wrap bracelet | Michele csx watch | Maude C. Earrings

Thanks so much for reading! See you on Friday! 😘 -Ryn


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