Etsy Find Friday: Herbivore Botanicals

Oh my goodness! These products from HerbivoreBotanicals look uhh-mazing! It helps that their packaging just perfection. Like it looks like they should be on anthropologie shelves, but they’re not…yet! I’m sure it won’t be long! I’m so willing to try a few products from them! They look fantastic. And they’re raw & all natural!

The husband + wife duo hail from Seattle Washington. (one of my favorite cities!) and the company was established in 2011.

Herbivore Botanicals is a 100% natural skin care company. Their products are guided by nature and sustainably crafted. They bring you skin care that is truly 100% natural & truly effective. They do not believe that you have to sacrifice one for the other. Instead, they source the finest raw natural materials the earth had to offer, to formulate products that are luxurious and all natural by combining essential vitamins, minerals & botanicals to restore skin to it’s optimum health & vitality.

Here are a few of the products I’m looking into:

Coconut bath soap | $32

Pink clay soap | $10

Detox bath salts | $18

Sea Mist. Sea salt spray | $20

Repair. Cuticle balm | $18

Activate facial mask | $34

And then for the men folk, here’s some items too! No shave Novembers coming up!

100% natural beard tonic | $20

Shave elixir | $38

Post shave elixir | $22

Hope you enjoyed it and go look at their shop! They were even featured in Vogue in May 2014!!!

See you on Monday! -Ryn

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