Beauty find: My Conquer-The-Day lippie

You know those questions: The “if you were a lipstick, which shade would you be?” I know which shade I would be, hands down! Lady danger, babbbbby!
It’s my go-to shade. It’s the “if I’m having a crappy day”, or a “I didn’t sleep a wink day”. Or it’s the “act like a lady, think like a boss” shade. It’s my ALL TIME favorite lip color. I’ve been wearing this shade so much lately too! It’s a rather bright lip for what you might think to be for fall/autumn time, but I say to Haitis with that! It’s an all or nothing shade. And fave at that!

I remember purchasing it, I was reading a magazine(Lucky mag, most likely) and I saw a reddish-orange matte color, i don’t recall the brand of the that one. So, I went to the nearest MAC store and asked if they had a shade like that, which of course, why wouldn’t they? So I bought it! It Lady Danger if you couldn’t guess already! It’s my shade. If nothing else, I want others to remember me by that lipstick I always wore. It could be like a trademark! ; )

Anyway, it’s a fun color! I tend to wear it with this one plaid shirt I own.

But I’m not opposed to wearing it with other things too! ; ) It just brings out the best in that particular shirt. I wear simple make-up and then add the punch with this lippie. The tube is about halfway gone, so Ima need to repurchase pretty soon! ; )

It is a yellow undertone FYI, so if you tend to look better in blue undertones this product may not be best for you. But I encourage you to go to your favorite department store & try on as many shades of red lipsticks that your lips will take until you find “your” red shade!


Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed this tidbit! Xo, Ryn


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