Beauty Find: Beauty Brands mascara sale

Funny story, last week my niece gave me a cold, thanks E! But while I was icky sicky, I had a craving for fried chicken, after seeing my friend’s luscious, salivating IG post of her fried chicken plate… Thanks Meagan! So I convinced my parents to order out at a local restaurant for southern food. The idea was great, but unfortunately my taste buds were out of whack! I mean, I ate a chocolate PB cookie, and to me it tasted like a molasses cookie. So I couldn’t taste the goodness at all! 😒 but no worries, I was still fed though! πŸ˜‰ Moral of the story: make sure you can taste when you indulge in your craving! : )

Anyway Yesterday, I went to Beauty Brands, where they were having their annual $10.99 mascara sale. And when I say mascara, I don’t drugstore brands either… I’m talking top of the line, Peter Thomas Roth, venom, stila, Tarte, perfekt, Butter London, etc. I love beauty brands for their amazing sales. (They also have an awesome liter sale) So, I partook of this mascara sale, unfortunately yesterday was the last day! Sorry for not informing y’all sooner! 😁
But I bought 4 mascaras (not all for me, although I wouldn’t mind…)
2 per-fekt lash perfection gel. I’ve tried this amazing-ness in a bottle. It’s a wonderful everyday mascara. It retails for $28. But it’s free of paraben, oil, fragrance, sulfate, GMO, phthalate, etc.
Let’s just say, it is one of the best mascaras I’ve used so far.
I, then bought the eyeko black magic mascara. I asked the sales girls repeatedly if this was a great mascara, and they all raved about it! I haven’t tried this, so I wasn’t sure! This mascara retails for $24.

And then finally I picked up the Tarte gifted mascara. I have heard soooo much about this mascara from blogger & vloggers(mostly from Fleur) , it would be a shame not to buy it right?! This retails for $19. And we’ll see how good it really is!

And you may be wondering why I said I had 4, but I only talked about 3, and that’s because I bought double of one of them!

Gift guide: Mascaras are GREAT stocking stuffers. Or just a gift in general! : )

Stay beautiful -Ryn


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