Lifestyle Fyle: my weekend

Hey y’all, hey y’all! Sorry it’s taken me so long to write a post, but I know that I couldn’t keep writing annnnnd get ready for my upcoming indie craft show… Which happened to be yesterday & the day before.
I’m not going to spin it and say it was the best show that I’ve been a vendor for. It honestly wasn’t. : / I thought for sure that it would be. I have new pieces, they’re gorgeous (if I do say so myself!) , most of them are one of a kind. They’re great. And they are HANDMADE. They aren’t factory produced. Someone in another country, did not make it, and I decided to sell it. Nope, it was my ideas, my hands, time & money that made it possible to produce it.
I felt like a few of them knew this, and a lot who thought they could find it elsewhere, say forever 21. Now, I’ve never seen genuine leather earrings from there, but that’s cool. I feel as if people don’t value things as much.
Value is much needed when purchasing from a handmade artist or designer. You have to think about how much time actually does go into each item. The thing is, time is precious to people. And when used properly it pays off.

Last year my sister helped me, and she asked me, “do you want to just sell my jewelry or not?” Yes, I want to sell my jewelry, but I also want people to value my work. I want people wear my earrings and get a bunch of compliments on them. That’s what I want. I don’t just want to “give” away, what it took so long to make. I want people to enjoy wearing them. And buying them too.

This year I did raise my prices a bit on some items, because the earring were more extensive, because I hand beaded them. But I kept everything in the price point of anthropologie & madewell.
But for this craft show, I’m sure patrons wanted a deal. A GREAT deal because a lot of them shopped in the $5 bin I had. I’m very grateful that I had that bin & they shopped in it!

It’s just a learning curve. Yes I’m bummed. But I believe every show I do from now on will be better, more profitable. And hopefully in the coming months boutiques will want to buy my jewels. They are boutique worthy, I promise! That would be great! And I’d love to see my etsy store sprout into a harvest and also, would love to see my jewels in magazines and on celebrities & music artists. I would probably flip out first and get really excited, but that’s what I want, I want an overflow of sales coming my way!
I also want clients to style. I saw few there at the event where I wanted to go up and give them my card and say, “here call me, you need me.” But I didn’t, but maybe I should…

Today, in my heart Jeremiah 29:11 resonates: for I know the plans I have for you says The Lord. Plans to prosper and succeed. Plans for hope & a future.

But I’m must say, I loved my booth, it felt cozy, Christmasy, woodsy & pretty. I received a bunch of compliments on it too:







Shop small if you can, it helps more than you think! Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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