Style find: Fur Handbags

Do you ever feel like some really great is about to happen?! I have been feeling like this for about a week. There are a few things that I am wanting and desiring more than ever. But I just have a feeling you know. Unexplainable, really!
I know its thanksgiving this week, and it’s my top favorite holiday since I was a small child. Yes the food is great, but the company is so much better. The smell of love is around this time of year, and it is intoxicating! I love love this holiday. Where you get absolutely nothing in return, except to be thankful and grateful for what you have.
But I feel as if something great is about to happen. Something big. And I am ready!

Fur accessories… It’s a hit or miss with me. I love the beanies with a fur pompom, but a bag is…ehh to me. I do love the option to pet the handbag, but who really wants to be caught stroking your own hand bag. But then again, this season I have seen more & more “fur” bags that are just the cutest! I mean, think about it, your winter handbag. You switch in to it every October. Wearing neutrals with it… Of course! 😉 and your outfit is complete with that fur bag accompanying you while you are out.
I found just a few of handbags, I think, would love to have in their collection!
But I will also say, look at tj maxx, Nordstrom rack, Target or Marshall’s for faux fur options. They are somewhat hard to come by.

Iris Apfel | $169.99 Um, definitely pet worthy!
Elizabeth & James | $795 I would totally carry this around! Swoon!

Snob Essentials | $76.90 The perfect dose of fur!

Fendi | $2,450 This is such a cute bag, it looks like a bird! Adorbs!

3.1 Philip Lim | $1,250 Yes, just yes!

Topshop | $52 Yep, it’s cute!

Axis | $145 MINE! I’m calling dibs! I love the look so much! 😍

Kensie | $69 Adorable, no doubt!

I could probably go on & on about showing you the cutest bags, but I don’t want to bore you! Cause I’m sure I could find more! ; ) My family doesn’t call me an all day shopper for nothin’!

I’ll see y’all on Wednesday! Oh, and are there any items or posts you want to read from me, leave me a comment or email me: please!

Love ya, Ryn


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