DIY Friday: plaid scarf

Happppppy Thanksgivinggggggg…. A Day late!!!! Hope it was great! Now it’s game time for Christmas and I love it! I have already decided to do as many Christmas-y activities as I possible can! I just found out that in Arlington TX, there is German Christmas outdoor marketplace! And in Downtown Fort Worth there is an outdoor skating rink! Then there is the annual trip to Dallas to shop at northpark & highland park village. Dreamy! And Christmas lights, let’s not forget about those! Oh and holiday in the park, if I can muster up some friends or family, I’d love to go this year! Anyway there is a lot to see & do! What are some holiday activities you like to do?!

Onto the DIY, which slightly has a holiday feel to it already!


What you’ll need to gather:
2 yards of plaid flannel fabric (washed)

Step 1. Snip, 2 inches from the ends of the fabric.

Step 2. Tear you fabric on both sides.

Step 3. Take the tweezers, and start pulling threads out of the ends of the fabric. Until you get to a 1/2″ of scraggly edge and then stop.
And then ta-da!!! You’ve got yourself a super cute snugly warm scarf!!!

P.s. Hobby Lobby has some really cute plaid flannel for sale for $4.99 per yard. And if you use your HL app, they have a 40% off coupon. So it brings it down to $2.99 a yard. Bargain!!!
And as much as I don’t like Jo-Ann fabrics, they also have super cute plaid flannels!

I’ll see y’all Monday!!! Love ya, Ryn


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