Advent No. 2: Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

advent no.2: stocking stuffers

Lip mask

Body cleanser

Rebecca Minkoff accessory

Bracelet jewelry

Mally makeup

Bright makeup


Home decor

Food drink

Food drink

I don’t know about you, but my family goes all out for stockings! Its been a tradition every year for my mom to fill our stockings to over flowing… Or to excess! If your finding it hard to find the PERFECT stocking stuffers for the perfect girl, then look no further! Here are some excellent stuffing ideas! Think about it, most every girl loves jewelry, chocolate, makeup, nail polish… Tap into one of those and you’re good!
Scarves | Undies | Cocoa | Nail polish | eyeliner | blotting papers | ornaments | earrings | chocolate | lip balm | lipstick | ear buds

And the thing is, you can shop for things in the drugstore, dollar shop, high end, low end, anthropologie, Nieman Marcus and everywhere in between.

The possibilities are endless!
You could make a stocking that’s themed, You can hang an ornament on the outside of the stocking for decoration, you could stuff it full of makeup. Whatever you choose, I know they’ll love! Just put some love into it and you’ll be good!!! And please think outside the box. Those are the best kind of gifts!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow, Ryn


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