Advent No. 4: The Men’s Gift Guide

Advent No. 4: For The Men In Your Life!

NIKE grey shoes

Nixon gold watch
$660 –

Colombo tartan shawl

Brooks Brothers Dot Bow Tie

The Art of Shaving

Jo Malone perfume fragrance
$155 –

Holiday decor

I know I mostly post about women’s fashion & gifts, and I neglect the men…but here is a whole gift guide on what I think men would love for Christmas!
There are a few things I’m getting for my bro-in-laws, nephews, and dad. From amazon, good hyouman, everlane, etc…

Use stores like Nordstrom, h&m, Etsy as if they are your bestfriends! They have everything a man could want!

• Shirts are always a good thing! They are so versatile. And let’s face it, men look great in them!
• Leather jackets Umm Yes! It’s on the pricey side of the spectrum, but leather will last for years and years!
• Shoes are always a win, for men or women! We use them everyday… So why not!
• Watches make great gifts! They last as long as you love then and they are timeless! (No pun intended)
• Books are fun to receive, whether it’s an actual book or just an activies book. It gets your mind thinking and your nose out of you phone!
• Cologne, is always a good idea! You want him to smell good!
• Buy some sentimental things, from his childhood, or from when y’all were dating. It’s always nice to receive something heartfelt… Even if it’s homemade.
• Which leads to this suggestion, don’t stray away from homemade gifts. If you see something on pintrest, you should make it. Its totally the thought that counts!

I would stay away from buying your man tidy whities… But if he wants it, then I guess gift him! But maybe try colorful underwear! 😉 no one has to know!

Hope this helps y’all tackle your gift lists!!
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Thanks so much y’all for reading, tune in tomorrow for a guest blogger Dominique from Gusto & Grace!!!
Bye y’all! -Ryn


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