Advent No.7: eggnog egg cream

An egg cream is a beverage consisting of milk and soda water as well as vanilla or chocolate syrup, and is especially associated with Brooklyn, home of its alleged inventor, late 19th-century candy store owner Louis Auster. Most modern versions of the drink contain neither eggs nor cream.

The egg cream is almost exclusively a fountain drink. Although there have been several attempts to bottle it, none has been wholly successful, as its fresh taste and characteristic head require mixing of the ingredients just before drinking.

I decided to give a little holiday spin on the traditional egg cream. I am a person who loves eggnog. I mean the week eggnog hits the shelves, I squeel when I see it! That’s how much I like it! It’s not Christmas without it…okay I’m exaggerating, but you get my drift right? And the coconut milk eggnog is a far cry from the real stuff too.

Anyway I have quick, simple holiday drink for you!


You’ll need:
Eggnog (you can make it yourself, but I just buy it..)
Sparkling water (yay soda stream!)
And stevia

You are going to add ice to a glass or cup, and add 5 drops of liquid stevia.
Then add 1/4 cup of eggnog.
And finish, by pouring the sparkling water on top.
Mix it and then add a festive straw to it.
And there you have it! It’s super yummy, its light, not as heavy as your usual eggnog either! It’s a perfect holiday drink, I’d say!


Enjoy! – Ryn
IG: @RynB


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