Advent No. 9: Holiday Budget

This subject isn’t always fun to discuss, but it is much needed to keep our bank accounts happy.

Lets just say, I’m not a professional on budgeting, but this is the first year that I actual stuck to a budget. (And my Christmas shopping is nearly done! Whoop whoop!)
I have a few tips on how to keep on a budget.

1. Shop throughout the year, not just in November & December. I started in July. There was a sale on a few things I knew I wanted to get my family, so i bought them, i havent seen that company have the same sale yet. so it helps to shop throughout the year. Because sales are all year round. Hallelujah!

2. Set an overall budget on how much you want to spend. That to help in the link long run. Say you only want to spend $500 on your family, then you know when to put an end to the shopping madness.

3. Then set budgets on how much you want to spend for each person. And it can be a different budget for each person. I tend to spend more for my parents & sisters, than I do for my bro-in-laws, and nephews & neice. And I think that’s totally fine.

4. It’s okay to get the things you buy for loved ones on sale. Obviously, you shouldn’t tell them. But what I do is, I count the retail price as part of their budget, if that makes sense. So even though I only paid $20.00 for something that was on sale, in reality the retail price is $55.00. And if your budget is $60, then you pretty much have that person done. But if you want, you can gift them a small thing too. (Small in price)

5. Don’t over buy. Sometimes I get in the habit of thinking ” oh, so and so would love this, its even on sale!” Even after I’m done shopping for their gifts already. Don’t get into the “it’s on sale” scam. Yes, it may be on sale, but you don’t need to buy so & so any more gifts on top of what you have already spent on them. There are limits & boundaries. Do not cross, even if that boundary is on sale!

6. Use boxed holiday sets to your advantage. For example, Sephora and Ulta set out holiday gift sets of, let’s say, Philosophy every November/December. If you have multiple people to buy for, say, your child’s teachers or your favorite mail person and you don’t want to spend too too much on them, but you want to thank them for what they do throughout the year, gift them, by splitting up a gift set.  philosophy’s shower gels in gift sets are usually in generous size bottles. Split up that gift set, wrap really pretty and nobody has to know! Like I said, use those gift set to your advantage. Its way cheaper than buying individually. And it might just brighten up someone’s holiday.

7. Use nature or household items to wrap or embellish presents. And no I am not talking about wrapping gifts in aluminum foil! But I am saying, if you have newspapers laying around, use that to your advantage. Wrap those prezzies up! Then for embellishing gifts, use snippets of pine from your Christmas tree, or holly twigs from the bush outside. Even pinecones & acorns are perfect littles bauble that won’t cost you a penny to use.




8. Go in with others when gifting huge presents. If someone is asking for a Mont blanc fountain pen, ask others to join in on thst purchase. It’s not your responsibility to buy really expensive gifts solely by yourself. Its OK to ask others to go in on it.

9. Obviously, homemade gifts are a bit cheaper in price to make than to purchase already made. For close friends, make useful items, like; lip balm, cookies, facemasks, embroidered hankies etc. They’ll be touched that you took the time to make something for them!

10. There are a lot of festive things to do in each city. But most of them cost some sort of fee. Make a list of which event you most want to view. And stick to it. When they put holiday into the price, it always seems to be more expensive. But none the less, have fun!

11. You don’t have to stick to their list. Yes, they may want something, but you don’t have to follow that list to make them happy. You give because it makes you happy right? Try something new out, try gifting them stuff you know there going to LOVE. Spoiler alert: I’m gifting some of my family a few of my favorite things. Different companies I love, different categories and items that I love and they’ll love too! Think outside the box. Color outside the lines. I even warned my FAM that I wasn’t following their lists. And they were totally fine with that!

Hope this helps your wallet… If you try and stick to a budget, you wallet in January will thank & love you!

Thanks for reading! And comment below if you have any money saving tips!
IG: @Rynb

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