Advent No. 11: Reindeer Tee

Awwww the life of being a blogger, and having your first draft erased.. Lovely I tell ya! Just kidding…

This DIY is the perfect gift you could give someone! I love it so much! Who wouldn’t love to receive a metallic stag/deer/reindeer tee. Young or old, I would thing would love it. Or just make one for yourself! (Wink, wink!)

And here’s how to make it!

What to gather:


Tee shirt
Hot iron
Deer template (Google image has the best. Use keywords: stag silhouette clipart.)
Heavy duty Heat N Bond
Metallic Bo-nash

1. Find the deer clip art, print and cut it out.
2. Place your “pattern” on the Heat N Bond. Paper side up. And use the sharpie to trace around your pattern.



3. Cut out the deer on the Heat N Bond.


4. Iron out out any wrinkle on the front of the shirt before placing the deer on top of the shirt. Paper side up. And iron the deer flat.



5. Let cool completely. Then start tearing the paper away. Until you get a clear plastic film in the shape of a deer head.


6. Place the metallic bo-nash squares everywhere you have the Heat N Bond. You’ll want to place the squats milky side down on top of the Heat N Bond. Then you’ll press it with the iron. To make it adhere to it. Repeat the process as much as you want. (Try not to let the iron touch the Heat N Bond. It’s not good for your iron)



7. And Ta-Da! You are done. Time for the festivities to begin! 😉 it is safe to wash it and dry it. It’s durable & every bit adorable!



Happy holidays y’all!


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