advent No. 12: festive ootd

advent No. 12: festive ootd

Y’all I felt super festive, that I didn’t even take a pic of my outfit! 😁 but I did get this pic which I love!

I have on the kitty shirt
And this scarf
Both of which I previously did diy posts of. I then paired the shirt and scarf with a black cardigan from gap and mid rise black rockstar skinnies from old navy. For shoes I threw on my Madewell emerald colored sidewalk skimmers, that I’ve had for years. And they happened to match my scarf. Soooo, I threw that on. And then for lips, I’m sure I should like a broken record, but I love bite beauty lip products! They are so so good! Today I had on Poppy from the mix n mingle lip duos. You can get them on! And did I mention they’re only $12!
Anyway, I had to share my somewhat festive outfit of the day! Even if it was 72℉ outside!

This outfit goes in the books, I loved it & I felt oh so cute in it! Whoohoo!

Happy holidays! -Ryn


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