Advent No. 16: Make Some Memories…

Hello and Merry (almost) Christmas!


My name is Micah Elizabeth from the blog: Look What I Found. I am living on Tulsa Time, however Texas is still stamped on my heart. I live with my “practically perfect in every way” husband and 2 darling pups. He is from Iowa, but becomes more of a Texan every year. I mean, my first Christmas present to him was a pair of Lucchese boots. I had to make sure he got started off in the right direction!
My little site was born out of a desire to create something, to utilize my gift of finding “things” as my husband so sweetly put it. Look What I Found was actually his idea. I am so thankful to him for pushing me to start it. For staying up until 330 in the morning to publish my first post. For waking up the next morning to look and see if my site was live. L-O-V-E

I’m so thrilled to be a part of this Advent. When Ryn asked me, I leapt at the opportunity! So thank you for being a reader and joining me down a little road called memory lane.


I believe one of my most prominent Christmas memories is our home. I know that seem so general, but if you know my Mother at all, then you know what this means. Waking up for school in the mornings to find all of the house aglow with Christmas lights was by far something I loved the most. It was the smell of Christmas in the home. She would have my clothes for the day in the kitchen, there is a certain spot where the heater blows right on you and it was so warm on what seemed to be the chilliest of mornings. They would be warming up under the heater and I would have maple and brown sugar oatmeal waiting. With water, thankyouverymuch. I did not, and never will, drink milk. And yes, I am talking about the instant oatmeal…with an extra sprinkle of brown sugar on top.


I loved coming home from cheerleading practice after the sun had already set and seeing the white lights in all of our trees and framing our fence. Even at 16, I would go outside and help Daddy put up the lights. Hammering the posts in the ground and stapling the string of lights on, ensuring that there was a perfect dip in the swag from post to post. I remember his jumpsuit that he would always wear when he would put up the lights. It was brown with red lining and just made him seem cozier. Thanksgiving night we would all go out in the street for the lighting of the house. Even this year it brought me just as much joy and delight at 36 as it did when I was 16.


I vividly remember getting our dog, Baron Noel, a few days before Christmas one year. My brother was SO excited. He was a beautiful Weimaraner, sleek and shiny with a silver coat. If my parents were reading this they would be laughing and rolling their eyes, I’m sure. Baron caused quite a bit of trouble over the years. But it was the day he came running into our foyer that is imprinted on my mind and heart. The memory of the excitement that we could hardly handle.


It’s memories like these that make my Christmases so special. To me, they have been and always will be perfect in my heart. I implore you to make traditions and memories of your own. I can’t begin to tell you what an impact they made on my life and the impact they will make on yours. Whether it’s making and icing Christmas cookies or popcorn balls. Decorating the tree as a family or with friends. Having just one thing that you do the same every year. Memories are what make for the most amazing times of reminiscing. Start new ones this Christmas with those that you consider to be family.


Just being with the ones you love. Thinking about the One who loves us more than we will ever be able to imagine. Isn’t that was Christmas is all about?


From Tulsa my hearts wish for you is that you would have a home filled with love and laughter this Christmas and all the year through.



Micah Elizabeth

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