Advent No.18: Are You Faux Real?


I’m Aubrey and if you don’t know me, all you need to know is I’m a spirited, Irish, Italian, Indian, redheaded lover of life which mostly includes, fashion, food and family. Recently relocating to a different state for my husbands job, I am a new stay at home mom and I’m discovering, minute by minute, what 2 toddlers (2 girls, 4 and 2) really do all day as well as discovering eating and afternoon naps are totally overrated, right? I absolutely love to talk… about life, love and the pursuit of all things Jesus (which is also the pursuit of happiness). Besides all that, I love to laugh. If you aren’t laughing you aren’t living.

Vests, scarves, throws OH MY! I cannot get over my addiction to the best thing to come from the great outdoors…fur. Yes, that’s the extent of my knowledge concerning the outdoors. I have actually found myself saying, “oh yes, that would look great with fur” to almost everything—a fur over a plaid button down for the lumber jack in us all, the ever so classy, head to toe, black with a luscious scarf, then do the Christmas waltz (is that a thing?) home to a cozy cuddle under that oversized throw . These are big decisions in life so I have been sent to help thee with thine shopping. There are 3 different categories when deciding where to shop for this season’s furlicious purchase. The options of fab faux fur are absolutely endless and I’ve even given you some ideas!

1. The “You just can’t wait to tell them how much you really paid”, Budget:
• The Vest: I’m amazed how lush places like Target, Forever 21 and” title=”Amazon” target=”_blank”>Amazon, yes, Amazon are proving their love for fashion and ME!

• The scarf: Go figure, I found the perfect gray scarf at Marshalls and yet again, Amazon. My hat’s (or should I say scarf) off to you, Mr. Amazon.

• The throw: Of course, fur being the most popular kid in school, you can find fur throws just about anywhere. My fav’s are Target and once again, TJ Maxx and Marshalls—Man, those 2 seem to always hit it out of the park.

2. The “Keep your budget close and the sales closer”, Budget:
• The Vest: Some say that outlet/factory stores are not as high quality as the REAL stores, but I say, “hey, did you see that price? I’ll take it!” Leave it to J.Crew Factory for a fabulous furtastic find. Believe it or not, even Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are guaranteed gold!

• The Scarf: Ladies, ladies, ladies, one stop shop is what we all wish for. Nordstrom, my secret, not so secret addiction, has a long list of yummy fur.

• The Throw: Pottery Barn-before you snap yo’ fingas and walk away, they are always having a good sale, especially if you sign up for their emails. Check out this cozy number at Pottery Barn and hurry so you can catch this amazing Holiday discount!

3. The, “Skip the mani/pedi, practice the investment speech and pray your husband doesn’t freak”, Budget:
• The Vest: Considering the only fur’s I own were given to me from my mom, grandmother and Mom-in-love, I’m a fURm (oh that was a good one) believer in investments. Maybe the babe doesn’t always agree, but I’m cute and he loves me J Bloomies never disappoints, and leave it to Neiman Marcus to make me drool, wish, hope and pray over this navy fox fur. I’d love to see a navy blue fox…

• The Scarf: Now, you don’t have to spend triple digits to make an investment and
Zara totally proves my point. Classy? Check. Soft? Check. Under $100? You’re welcome.

• The Throw: Drumroll please……… I’ve been waiting this whole time to tell you this, I can hardly wait to tell you—maybe I shouldn’t tell you. Ok, I’ll tell you. Restoration Hardware FUR THROWS ARE ON SALE!! “ARE YOU FUR REAL?!” YESSS!!! Plus, when you sign up for emails you get extra discount. Man that felt good. You could go fur crazy—pillows and throws in every room—as it should be, my friend, as it should be.

Well, that sums up the 3 budget categories FUR shopping (see what I did there? I used FUR instead of FOR—clever, I know). My last but not least golden nugget, always keep an eye out for well loved furs in any antique mall. My mom and I came across 2 gorgeous coats that were both right around $100! Sometimes the “loved” ones are the best ones. Merry Christmas you classy gals and Happy Furlidays.


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