Advent No. 19: It’s All About The Packaging + a giveaway

I do love a good wrap…ping job! There’s something about the packaging that sets up a present to be good! It’s the little details that you put into your gift that can make it extra special! The Target Christmas section gets me every time, not to mention going into a papyrus or paper source and viewing all of the pretty paper they sell! Geesh!
Also the bloggers who come up with gorgeous ideas on how to wrap gifts need to be mentioned. I got the idea of what I am about to show you from
The Happy Hunters, when I saw it on Instagram I fell head over heels for it! It’s so darling!

That’s not paper that’s paint, folks! Loved it so much that I decided to do it myself, although with much brighter colors! I used acrylic paint, a sponge paintbrush, gold/white merry Christmas tape from target & white garment boxes, leather, merry Christmas tape & gold twine and went to town!


Though it may not be the same… I still really like it! And if there is one that I don’t like I can always put wrapping paper around it. Quick fix right?!

This is such an updated version on brown paper packages tied up with string… (Don’t get me wrong, I love brown paper packages but I didn’t have any, sooo.. I painted the white boxes different color brushstrokes.) I did buy some of my family “a few of my favorite things” as their gifts. What better way than to gift them in handmade boxes!

I then added leather hand stamped nametags to each package, which I love! I mean come on, I sell leather jewelry! ; ) I cit the leather into long ovals, hand stamped their names and punched a hole in the leather, so that I could lace the twine through.

And then I tied it on with gold twine! A few of my favorites indeed! Leather, gold twine & brushstrokes, oh my!
Now if I only had some Christmas tree twigs or holly berry…

Hope y’all get your wrapping done earlier than right at midnight on Christmas Eve…. Been there! 😠

Also, If you’re like me, you can use these boxes over and over again through out the year, since they don’t look overly Christmasy! Babam!

And now onto the giveaway part! My favorite!!! I’m giving away from my own jewelry line: The Terrarium necklace! It’s a hand blown glass globe with two brass nuts you can place on each side of the bead or place both on one side. I must say, I wear this necklace ALL the time. You need to get your hands on this gem! Its effortlessly cool when you wear it! (Retail value: $28.00) 36″ in length.

The rules:
Follow styledbyryn blog; Either by email, bloglovin or through WordPress.
Follow my Instagram: @RynB
Tell me your all time favorite Christmas movie, down below in the comments!
Ends The 24th at midnight!

Merry Christmas!
Happy wrapping & entering the giveaway! πŸ˜‰ – Ryn


5 thoughts on “Advent No. 19: It’s All About The Packaging + a giveaway

  1. Love the gift wrapping! Not sure if my post worked the first time…. The necklace is stunning! My fave Xmas movie is “A Christmas Story”!! I’m following you on Instagram @enmasse

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