Advent No. 20: Pinecone Winter Wonderland


Bio: Nicole Covarelli

I am a wife, fitness junkie, and elementary school teacher. My husband, Jordan, and I love to eat. We often spend our date nights trying funky and amazing food around Dallas/Fort Worth. I also love all things healthy living. I am an avid weight lifter and eat clean- I love to cook! I love to write and blog, but my health blog is currently under construction and will re-debut at the beginning of 2015: check out at the time.

Pinecone Winter Wonderland in a Mason Jar

Growing up in Texas has its advantages and disadvantages. During the Christmas season and through the winter, I often find myself thinking, “Where is all the snow?” and “Can’t a girl collect a few pinecones off the ground somewhere nearby?” Because the snow is scarce and pinecones must be purchased if I want them for decoration, I decided to get creative in order to bring snow and pinecones into my home.

Mason jars transform the simplest items and make any room feel more magical. I want to share a simple Christmas craft that will quickly leave your home feeling like a winter wonderland, no matter the temperature outside. Not only does this craft take less than 5 minutes, but these pinecone mason jars also make wonderful gifts for friends and family. I always love receiving homemade Christmas decorations. To make our Pinecone Winter Wonderland you will need large mason jars, pinecones, and fake snow.


Mason jars, liter size
1-2 bags of small/medium pinecones
1 bag fake snow
Glitter, optional

I recommend buying mason jars at Wal-Mart because they are cheaper here than anywhere I’ve found online. One box can be purchased for $10. You can find small/medium pinecones and fake snow at any Michael’s or other craft store, and these items will only put you out a few dollars. Be sure your pine cones are small in size so they easily fit in the mouth of the jar.

Take one large Mason jar and 5-10 small/medium pinecones and arrange them in your mason jar. You will have to play around with how the pinecones best fit together and arrange tightly. You want to be able to turn over the jar and set it back down so that the pinecones are still aesthetically beautiful and pack together properly.

After you have the pinecones arranged perfectly, add ½ cup to 1 cup of fake snow. You may even want to add more than that; you will know when it’s right! If you want even a little more flash and glitz, add a tablespoon of glitter.

Once you have the right balance of winter wonderland in the jar, place the lid on tightly and turn the jar upside side down a few times to spread out the elements. You may also want to do this a couple times during the stage of adding the fake snow so you can find the perfect balance.

And that’s it: as simple as that, you have a holiday curiosity that costs very little money, displays beautifully, and makes a great gift for friends and family.

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