Advent No. 22: Thinking about holiday traditions


EYE am a self-taught artist who wore her 1st pair of glasses at the tender age of 8.

My charts, sketches & need to cut are a reflection of what EYE have seen behind my glass as a child and what EYE see current day.

The word “I” (=) “EYE” in my 4-eyed world.

All of the ornaments for my Christmas tree were hand picked over the years and eye love them all.
Eye bought a new antique white tree years ago and have decorated it in a “woodland” theme ever since.
Some of my older tree adornments don’t make my tree because my style has changed.

The ornaments that don’t make the tree go into a vintage glass vase which was a birthday gift from one of my besties, which is another awsome story.


Stop for a moment and think about some of your holiday traditions that you do every year without even knowing you do them. It’s funny how traditions happen.

EYE wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yvonne4eyes, Artist

You can find her ware here.


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