Advent No. 21: Last minute gifts


It’s 3-4 days days away from Christmas(depending on which day you celebrate on!)! Are you a “done with shopping” or a “I just started” kind of person? If you’re the latter, here are some great options, and I’ll let you know why momentarily! 
These gifts are fun, easy to pickup and thoughtful! These gift certificates don’t need a card and envelope for its wrapping, put it in a medium size box, wrap it, put a huge bow on it! Make it seem like you put a lot of time and effort into their gift…

Here are a few ideas:

Anastasia eyebrow gift certificate
• I have experienced how amazing this service is. They make your eyebrows look amazing, from shaping and waxing to making your eyebrows look fabulous with tinting and geling! |Nordstrom $35

I’m not talking about message envy. I’m sure they’re great, but I’m talking about legit essential oil slathering masseuses. You can usually find them in your chiropractor’s offices… And if not, a spa is the best thing!

• Zip lining
For the adventurer in your life. I would be ecstatic if I received a certificate for zip lining, especially when the person that gave me the certificate was going to spend the day with me as well!

• Mani/Pedi certificate
Husbands, take note! This is such a great way to say ‘Merry Christmas!’ I think most women would flip over
Mani/pedi combo! Husbands you take the kids for the day and let your wife relax. Try a Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus spa or your wife’s favorite spa place.

• Batting cages
What better way to say happy holidays, than with a date to the batting cages. I, for one love the batting cages, its super fun. Its something out of the box and you can do together!

• Shooting range
I live in Texas so, it basically goes without saying, a shooting range gift certificate is the perfect gift for those who want a perfect shot.

• Styling Session
Might aswell put in a plug…
Wardrobe Styling sessions are great for those that love fashion, would like to look for fashionable, who have fallen out of fashion, this gift is for them! A stylist will help that loved one with shopping, picking out clothes, makeup, basically treat them like a queen for a day! Well worth it I’d say!
You can email me: styledbyryn for an appointment in Texas.

• Make up artist session
For those who love makeup, or would love to love makeup. It’s a perfect gift. Depending on the MU Artist, they’ll teach, apply & perfect any look you’d like. Follow @heatherspiveymua for inspiration.

• Cooking Classes
I would love to receive this sometime. My local “speciality” grocery store offer cooking classes. From gourmet to sushi to everything in between! Give that perfect someone the best gift! You could even buy a cooking gadget and attach the gift card to it and wrap it all up!

• Yoga or The Barre sessions
For those who look forward to January and getting fit! Its a perfect gift to say “ewe’s not fat, ewe’s fluffy!” Haha JK!

• Amazon, nook, gift certificates
For the Book Worm in the family. The one who loves to read this is the perfect gift!

So there are just a few ideas for the last minute gifts! Shop well y’all! : )


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