Advent No. 24: A Christmas Chat with Dara…


BIO: Child of God. Wife to my best friend. Christian Recording artist, worship leader and song writer. Pastor along side my Husband and friend if you need one. My life’s purpose is to know Christ and Him crucified to such a degree, that we no longer live, but He lives in us and changes every one we come in contact with. Love is life’s most grand adventure, we are learning about it daily.


1. What is your favorite thing about the holidays?
• Laughing around a meal and spending time with my family. Curling up by the fireplace with my husband, while the Christmas tree lights give off the perfect glow. The good life and any time of year, that describes the perfect day.

2. What is a new tradition you and your husband do together this time of year? • I have never had a real tree, I have al so never had a flocked tree. We went to Callaways nursery in Fort W orth and stepped into a winter wonderland of pre-flocked trees. We spotted one tree in particular, it spoke to us, ha, almost like it    course had to take a kissing picture in front of it to commemorate the moment.


3.what is your all time favorite Christmas carol?
• “Oh come let us adore him” is one of the most beautiful worship songs ever written. It captures the essence musically of a timeless hymn, but says the very  thing our lives should say daily.  Psalms 27:4

4. Decorating: Gingerbread house or sugar cookies?
• Sugar cookies all day long. When there still a little deli in the center and you put cream cheese frosting on them, is there really a better holiday cookie? I think not 😉

5. What’s your go to winter outfit?
• Fur. All black. Plaid as well. Skinny jeans. Leopard heels. for dress up, Jcrew flat booties and a beanie for the daily routine.


6. What’s your winter skin regimen?
• This is my every day, all the time, in  love, my skin has NEVER looked better because I finally found what I’ve been look for regimen.
(Be prepared for a long answer)

•1. Obagi NuDerm Kit (The link below is for normal to oily, but choose your skin type)
I get the travel set for a better deal and use this site for 25% off. Beauty for less, is best 😉
Obagi Nu-Derm Trial Kit Normal To Oily
• 2.   (Retinol) you need a prescription for this, but you can get this generic brand for around $30. This is the secret ingredient for EVERY skin care that takes the old layers of skin with dark spots, scars etc and actually removes them. It’s a must. MIX THE CREAM WITH STEP 5 OF THE OBAGI KIT EVERY NIGHT, OR EVERY OTHER DEPENDING ON YOUR SKIN.


7. Any charities you give to around Christmas time? Why?
• My husband and I love to give, we want to get really good at it. So as Pastors of The Bridge, a 18-30 young adult community at our church, every year we adopt a family and lavish them with goodies. Or we give clothes, water, Bibles and such to those in need of homes. We also give as a couple to specific organizations and individuals as a constant practice. Ask God to expand your ability to receive and to give, then watch the people He brings across your  path. Amazing thing is, it changes and adds to everyone involved.

8. It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas?
• It’s a wonderful life, for sure!


9. What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
• To take my hubs to NYC and paint the town together soon. We’ve both been, but not at the same time. On the to do list for sure.


10. What’s your favorite thing to do during the holidays?
• Snuggle. Watch movies. Eat good food. Make sugar cookies. Laugh hysterically with my family and friends and most importantly worship Jesus with pouring out Thanksgiving to Him of how incredibly blessed we are to have Him and get the honor to do life like this. Grateful.


11. What the most important thing to focus on during the holidays? How do you cope with the stress the holidays can bring?
• If you give more than you get. Not because of pressure, but because God put on your heart to do so, everything will be as it should. That mind set start  shaping the way you buy and bless people, it becomes extravagant but in a balanced and non destructive or stressful way. God is the ultimate giver and it really is better to give than receive. The sweetest gift.


12. What’s your favorite scripture? Why?
Isaiah 58:10-12
It’s pregnant with prophetic revelation of being used to help restore heaven to earth and innocence in the streets. To bridge the gap of division and let love win the day. It’s our life verse and we pray to be used daily to restore and rescue the lives of those being lied to and robbed from. To show them there is so much more God has for them.


13. What are you doing New Year’s Eve?
• Celebrating with friends and family at church and then coming home and packing to go to leave for Africa with Hubs the next day.


14. What do you have planned for 2015? Aren’t you excited for the new year?!
• Africa is a massive launch into the New Year doing ministry there. Then coming home and gearing up for what 2015 has in store. Possibly a worship record & tour. Going to 2 services at The Bridge and watching God expand
 and fulfill the dreams in our hearts.

15. Favorite store you like to shop at? Why?
• J.crew meets Zara, meets
 Nordstrom, meets Madewell, meets Urban Outfitters.


16. I know you’re a role model to so many, how does that make you feel? What’s something that motivates you to be a role model?
• I am honored that anyone would allow me the privilege to be on their life journey with them via music, or in any way. I know I am nothing without Jesus, but I know who I am as His daughter and my heart burns for others to know the same. I will not settle for less than Gods best and I want that for the lives of everyone I meet. It’s my responsibility to respond to Gods drawing and dive into Him daily, so that I  live out of a place of His overflowing love for me and that those nt. That’s how powerful His love is. It’s life’s greatest adventure.


17. What is your favorite Christmas decor?
• Flocked GORG white tree. Gold, mixed metals, silver and white decor. I have vintage mid century ornamnents And tree topper I found on eBay, as well as current Martha Stewart and my favorite “Bella Lux” brand from Neiman’s, best thing is, found tons of it at MARSHALLS! Get it!

18. Plaid or Faux Fur?
• Both. All the time. Don’t think about it.


19. What are some items that you have bought for others for Christmas?
• I bought my hubs a brand new winter wardrobe. I’m biased, but he looks good in everything, so I love picking out clothing for him,  even though he doesn’t need any help 😉
I got my bestie two water color tepee paintings that she is going to be IN LOVE WITH. My mom wanted framed wedding and family pictures which I love, so she will  be getting her hearts desires.

20. Will you be a guest on my blog again please?
• Would be honored ❤️



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