Advent No.25: Gingerbread houses galore…

Awe, its been fun y’all! I’m kinda sad to end advent! But I have some fun stuff planned for 2015, so no need to fret! And I have one last post for you beautiful people, and its such a “sweet” past time with my sister! Merry Christmas and thank you for reading & for th new followers! 😘

Nothing intrigues me during the Christmas season quite like beautifully designed and decorated gingerbread houses. As a baker and food-designer myself, I find great inspiration in the beauty of them. 

I’ll show you a few that I admire, including tiny and ginormous ones. I’ll even throw in a few that my sister and I have done…some with success, one in particular with a story!

I’ll begin with the tiny ones, since the tiny house movement is so big now days. (Tiny is “big” these days, cute, huh?)



Look at these. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want that cutie perched atop a mug of something warm and delightful?!

Here are a few others that just strike my fancy…




I’m particularly impressed by the White House replica. Seriously, do you know how long that would take? Not to mention the pressure! Kudos, chef!  Well done!

And as to the enormous one. Wow, 65 x 45 feet! Okay people of Bryan, TX, way to go! I guess everything really IS bigger in Texas!  And to add to the Christmas Spirit, the Texas A&M traditions club built this to benefit the St. Joseph hospital trauma center. 


Okay now to the less impressive, but truly heartfelt versions made by yours truly. 

This first one looks just like our old Kentucky home (pun intended). My sis and I made this beauty, if I do say so myself. 





And who can resist celebrating the true meaning of the season by making the holy nativity, completely edible?!  This is the one I mentioned that has a story attached. 


So, we made it with the greatest of care, seeing as it was a most memorable event in time. 

We added molasses for pitch on top and added shredded-shredded wheat cereal, which looked quite authentic (based on our imaginations). We made fondant capes to cover all of the character’s marshmallow and pretzel-stick bodies. As you can see, we were into the details. 

Well, we gave it some time, basking in our creative genius, of course, only to notice that the roof is beginning to cave. Not good, right? We can’t have baby Jesus being crushed by rubble. However, in an great show of curiosity, we only waited and watched. No interference allowed. And this is what, honest to our God, happened. 


That’s right, the roof did indeed cave in, but baby Jesus was completely untouched! And, as I said before, there was no intervention on our part. We were pleasantly surprised. We may even have called it “A Christmas miracle”…maybe!

This last one is just from this year. Nothing too special, I was flying solo with not a lot of time. 


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and maybe were even inspired to make one of your own.  May your Christmas be “sweet” and filled with inspiration. 



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