Style Fyle: What I received for Christmas…

First off, I hope y’all had a great holiday! Hope it was full of fun, family and…ahem food! My holiday was split in two, and it was THE best! I was under the weather on Christmas day, so half a third of the family waited to exchange gifts, but the rest of us swapped gifts and what I love to do is sit back and watch my fam, open their gifts… Its a magical experience for me. I don’t like to be rushed opening my gifts. Cause then its over, and there’s no experiencing the moment… So all that to say, I loved my two Christmases!

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form rubbing your nose in it, or bragging. I am very thankful for what I received! I love everything I received! My family knocked my socks off… And I’m okay with that! : ) and the Lord loves me, what can I say?

And honestly Christmas is not about the gifts, its about the perfect Gift that God gave to save us. So that we can live eternally with Him.

But it wouldn’t be a “what i recieved for Christmas” post without showing you what i got… Sooo, onto what my family blessed me with!!! I had to group it in different photos since I liked that look better! So its grouped from what each family member gave me. (And yes, I gifted myself as well…) It may not seem like a lot, and yet I know how much these things cost, so if you received small things, just know they could’ve been more expensive than you think! I’m so thankful for everything…seriously! Thank you so much Mom, Dad & sisters and bro in laws! This was a wonderful Christmas indeed.

From my parents:


My mom rocks! That’s all I have to say!

• Thelightblonde: “God is greater than the Highs and Lows” is my new favorite tee shirt! Ugh, and it’s so soft! (Thank you Rebecca Robertson for wearing this in one of you IG posts! I wouldn’t know about it, otherwise!)

All The Wire: Skinny bar necklace with the scripture Psalms 28:7, “Now I’m jumping for joy, and shouting and singing my thanks to him.”
•And the Brass cuff, with the words “Loved” on it. Its my favorite bracelet now, I feel naked without it!

Moorea Seal: The Bonsai scissors and The Shadow Scissors… So cute! I’m redecorating my studio and these will look lovely on my peg board!

• Bite Beauty lipstick in Pomegranate. Its such a lovely color. Its a rich bright red, I’m not sure I’m going to keep it, or exchange the color, I’ll be looking.

Le Cubicule: Thin Line Earrings. Ugh! They are so cute, they make me want to get my second holes put in, in my ears. Which I think I will! : ) definitely everyday earrings!

From My Sister Dyanna + Husband Mark:

• Sam Edelman ‘petty’ boots: These boots are gorgeous! So comfortable, my new favorites really! They are the English saddle color, and it goes with everything! EVERYTHING!!!

• Inkkit sequin ribbon: these were actually a surprise for me. Which they brought me back to to my childhood, when I went shopping with my mom and sisters at Baer fabrics in Louisville, KY and I would “collect” the sequins off of the floor. Happy memories!

From Sister Heather + Husband JD:

MAC Cosmetics:
Flamingo (L)
Ruby Woo (M)
Sandy B (F)
Peach Blossom (C)
I honestly loooooooove MAC lipsticks, they’re mainly the lipsticks I like to apply to my lips. My lips are a tad sensitive and MAC & few others seem to be just the ticket!

Pearlglide intense in “Black Line”.
I saw this particular liner on a fellow instagrammers post. Its luscious. Its long lasting and the color, THE COLOR guys is so pretty! Its black but then it has gold/green flecks in it. Gorgeous on my eye. I’ll be purchasing again!

Couture shine nudes duo liquid lipstick in vintage + muse.
I’ve actually never used Lorac products before, but I’m excited to try these and other things from Lorac.
Fun fact- Lorac is Carol spelled backwards…the name of the creator of the makeup brand!

Lip glaze in persimmon, I love stila cosmetics in general, I especially love their lip glazes! And in a great red, what would be better?!

Gifted mascara + lights, camera, lashes mascara.
Oh my gosh, this year was the year of the mascaras! I also received the Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Flashes for a chanukah gift too. I’m excited to use all 3 of these!! I love tarte cosmetics. And I already know I love the gifted mascara! Its so good!

Metallic temporary tattoos

Le Cubicule:
Pointy ring in gold. I’ve loved this ring for so so long! I love this company and I would love more pieces from them! : )

What’s Christmas without buying yourself a present… That you know you’ll love!
Two of these came from sellers on Poshmark. And I had poshmark points, so no money was spent from my bank account.

• Sam Edelman ‘petty’ Boots in tan-putty suede, again, wearable with everything! I snagged these for $50! Thank you PM! Incredible steal!
I’ll probably get into trouble with my sis, but I honestly had no clue she would buy me the englash saddle ones! Sorry sis! 😘
Would it be excessive to want these ‘petty’ boots in black also?!

• Mood Fabrics striated dark Grey, peach & blue linen knit, will one day turn into a tee! 🙂

• Tarte Cosmetics ‘tartelette’ matte palette. If you have not tried this yet, you definitely need to! I’m really digging a matte lid! Also bought from Poshmark. And p.s. it was brand new, no worries if it was used or not! I’m thinking about gifting my mom this palette for V-day, I’m thinking she would like it!

Illamasqua nail varvishes, um so these retail for $17.00! A bit pricey, yes I’ve been known to throw down $15 on a nailpolish, but never $17, so when they were on Hautelook(if you’re new to hautelook you my email as a referral please:Maude clothing I for $7.50, I snagged them right up! I bought harem + creator. (Currently wearing creator)

• Digital albums from Needtobreathe + Kings Kaleidoscope. Fabulous sound, love the bands. Perfection to my ears!

Ahhh I told you, it was a great Christmas! Tell me 3 things you received in the comments! I’d love to hear from you! 😘 -Ryn


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