Styled: Denim on denim

So I’m trying two things differently this year. No.1: Something I wanted to do in 2015 was to do style inspirations. And I’m trying it out. I don’t usually have a photographer following me around, but I do have a floor length mirror and a camera, that’s kinda the same thing right? Heh heh! Hopefully not all of the photos I post will have dirty clothes on the floor behind me… I need to do some laundry okay!
No.2: we’re changing it up on here and going to go to 4 posts each week, I’m hoping you’ll give me grace, when my weeks get busy and I may only post 3. But the plan is 4 posts a week! Eek! So I’ll be posting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday! It may end up being Friday & Saturday, but we’ll see! So no Wednesday posts any longer!

So here is the first style inspo of the year!!!
This outfit was from when I went to Highland park village in Dallas, Texas with my sister & Mom. We actually kidnapped my sister. It was fun!


Of course, I wanted to sport my new SE Petty boots and All The Wire necklace + cuff. I have my Old Navy rockstar boyfriend jeans on, cuffed of course. Then I have a huge big & tall light denim men’s shirt on. Half tucked.

I love denim on denim. Its such an Americana look, very Lauren Ralph Lauren. You’ll always look pulled together with a light denim/chambray shirt, and medium to dark wash denim on the bottom. Try never to reverse them, it hardly ever looks right! The lighter the wash on the bottom can make you look bigger, and it causes the eyes to look down. Now if you want all eyes on your booty, hips, thighs, then I say go for it. I’m just probably not going to join in! And with the Half tucking thing, it makes your waist appear smaller. It draws the eye to a defined waist. You can even 1/4 tuck it with only a flap tucked. You choose. And if you have a decorative belt, say a shiny metallic one, pop that on, that’s a sure way to bring the eye to the smallest part of your waist.



Here’s my outfit in action. Loved the look and I love how pretty the lights are! It’s a win-win!

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