Styled: Aztec Sweater + Plaid


I love pairing different patterns together. Especially when I think I have nothing to wear!

I paired my DIYed Sequin collared plaid shirt with my Aztec grey & white sweater I bought from old navy a few years back. I threw on my favorite pair of jeans, also from Old navy. And the Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ boots were a nice luxe touch!

This look was an easy but classic outfit to wear. It looked effortless.

When trying to pair different patterns together, try and have similar colors in both patterns.
Think about it. You wouldn’t pair brown + pink polka dots with black & white stripes. It would look discombobulated. Though my sweater is dark grey + white, and the plaid has green, navy, yellow, blue… It also has black + white. Classic colors. Colors that go with most everything.
And since you can see the white in the plaid, it helps it not be overpowering with print. It’s not ‘in your face’ print, it’s pretty subtle! It flows nicely when paired with similar colors or color family. And by pairing the outfit with denim and then a saddle brown, it just gives off an expensive look to your outfit. Luxe indeed. You don’t want to exceed the 2-3 pattern limit. Can you just imagine if I had paired the sweater & plaid with camo pants?! Though the camo is in the grey family, it wouldn’t look right, trust me. I’d look like a hot mess! By pairing it with denim I matched it with the blue in the plaid. So you have nice flow going right? The white + grey match the plaid, the plaid matches the denim. And then the saddle brown was a wildcard. It didn’t match anything. And it worked.

I encourage you to play with your clothes. To have fun when dressing. And remember we all have those days when we think we have nothing to wear!

See you on Thursday! -Ryn

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