DIY Friday: Making Faces


I haven’t been this excited for a DIY Friday post in a loooong time! I adore this Wildfox thermal tee, but as most things do, it sells out. So I had to take matters into my own DIY lovin’ hands!

You can call my rendition, Wildryn or Rynfox ; ) JK.
Old navy boyfriend jeans | Chinese Laundry d’orsay flats | Diy’d shirt

Here’s what you’ll need:
Tee or pullover
Paint (I used jacquard and acrylic.)
Blue disappearing quilters pen
The original wildfox picture
Hard surface

1) First things first, wash & dry your tee.
2) Lay it out on a hard surface.
3) Either use your memory & sight superpower to sketch the face onto your tee or adjust the size of the wildfox pic about 100x, print it out, cut it out and and trace around it. (I did the former technique.)
4) Start with the eyeball, choose a color of your choice, I tried to make an hazel eye, but it turned out like goldish eye…whatev! Outline around the eye and then fill it it with paint.
5) Then you’ll take a dark color, either dark brown or black paint and add the eyeliner and lashes.

6) You’ll then outline the eyebrow, and then fill it in.
7) Then onto the Gorgeous lips, I wanted them to be the same color as MAC’s lady danger. And its definitely close to perfect! You’ll again outline the lips, then fill them in.
8) until it looks something like this!
9) You’ll let dry for a whole night. Then you’ll want to iron each face feature for about 30sec. You can then steam the whole face if you want.
Then all you need is, a spray bottle full of water, a washcloth and spray the blue marks with the spray bottle, dab it with the washcloth, and be amazed at how quickly it disappears.
Then let dry again. (Do not a. Spray Starch to the to the face when blue marks are still visible. It can cause permanent brown stains, and b. Don’t submerge the whole tee in water, then wring out. It can cause smearing. Don’t ask me how I know. If you experience smearing, don’t throw it in the washer, use water, washcloth and elbow grease and scrub it out. Should come out easily.)

10) You will then have a super cute tee like so!

As you can see I made some minor changes to it from the wildfox tee, like I placed the open eye on the other side, so instead of the left side, I placed it on the right. The eyebrows are a bit more angular and the face isn’t totally straight… But what face is, really?!

I just loved being the “makeup” artist with this diy. It was so much fun, and I encourage y’all to do this diy.

I’m also thing of wearing this to the BeautyCon Dallas, too much? I think with a black cardi over it, it would be super cute!

I want to see your DIYed faces, so hashtag #SBRdiy & tag me @RynB!

And in two weeks I’ll have yet another cute diy, that you won’t want to miss!
Thanks for reading y’all! See ya on Monday, which I’ll be asking for your help with for a project I’m doing. So get ready! Xo, Ryn


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