Styled: I need your help!


I’m teaching style + DIY this year at ETAD(education for the textile arts Dallas). One of my classes is on how to style tee shirts…

This is where I need your help, I want you to show me how YOU would style a T-shirt. Think outside of the box, or choose your favorite T-shirt outfit. Or anything in between! In any color, black, white, grey, stripes…. It can be v-neck, crewneck, u-neck,… Anything! (But, please no profanity on the t-shirts.) I will be showing each of the photos that you send in, in my class and on here. Now, if this is something you would want to do, but feel self conscious or you think you are too old, please don’t think that. I want ALL shapes, sizes & ages please. You’re beautiful. I’d love for you to participate! I want to show my class, just how easy it is to style a tee in a chic way. How effortless, chic, fun, edgy, etc, it really can be.

So, I would need your picture by February 28th.
You can send it to: or Direct Message me on Instagram @RynB.

Please have fun with this! It can be dressy, casual, fun, tredy… Whatever!

I’m excited to see them all!

Thanks y’all! -Ryn


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