Beauty find: dry hair in a bottle…

Raise your hand if you hate blow drying your hair, because it takes so dang long to blow it dry. ✋🙋 yes yes yes and YES! For the longest time I would just let it air dry, even in winter months… I’ll I have to say is, chilly.

But all of that has changed. What used to take me 30-45 minutes, takes me about 16 minutes. 16 MINUTES!!! I’m not even kidding! When my hair looks good, I am not one to kid. It’s a phenomenal product. I have pretty long hair, and to blow dry my hair under 7 minutes is fantastic.


Just to blow dry my hair. The other 11 minutes is for towel drying my hair.


The KMS Free Shape quick blow dry. You need to try it!

I received this product with a purchase from Beauty Brands in the spring or summer of 2014. I hadn’t used it, until November. I followed the directions, which were: Shake well. Spray onto towel dried hair as a last step before blow drying. Style as usual.

I did all that, and the end result was unthinkable. I loved the outcome! My hair was dry and oh so soft. Oh and it looked like I had styled it. Perfection.


Wet Towel dried hair


Dried hair.


Brushed hair.

I usually just dry it and go, but I wanted to see what it looked like when brushed completely and I now I have two hairstyles I can play with!

The price of this product is $19.99 for 6.8oz. And it lasts you a good amount of time.

All in all, I would recommend this product to you. I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing this product when I run out of the travel size sample.

If you’re one to struggle with time and blowing your head of hair dry. You might just want to look into this product.

Thanks for reading!
See ya Thursday -Ryn


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