Styled: Oversized Cashmere Sweater


Yuuup, I love this outfit! It’s the epitome of winter, I think.
You’ve got your boots, your cashmere, your collared shirt, your baggy sweater, your neutrals, your gems… What more could you want? This outfit was on a day when it was 23°F out in Dallas, Texas. And I knew I needed something warm. And something cute. I also knew a lot of my clothes needed washing too… So I ended up with a b+w checkered button up shirt, a taupe oversized cable knit cashmere sweater, my ON boyfriend jeans (I wear these constantly!), Sam edelman booties and two of my Maude C. Necklaces. And on my lips I had on scarlet by Bite Beauty.

This could quite possibly be one of my favorite looks so far! It looks so luxe! Plus, my hair looks fantasticly styled. Score!

One tip to mention: when you are curvier, and you want to wear oversized sweaters, make sure to wear a large statement necklace or a bulky scarf. You will draw the eye up to your face instead of bulkiness around your middle. Oversized thing can be done, just as long as you go with the flow and add minor tweaks to your outfit. : )



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