Lifestyle Fyle: movies I’ve watched recently…

I’ve been on a movie kick recently… I’ve been exploring my options, watching what & when I can. Usually, just before bedtime. 9 or 10 o’clock at night.
Oh and I actually went to go see a movie too, which has been ages, and I mean ages since I’ve been to the theater. I’ve always enjoyed myself at the cinema. Usually cozy chairs, snacks, drinks, a large screen, and a dark room. It’s fun.

All that to say, I have some reviews to share with you!


• The Grand Budapest hotel
Oh I wanted to like this. This poster is so cute. I would frame it & hang it on my wall, it is that cute. It has the vintagy vibe going on. But, I didn’t last 45 min. of this movie. I couldn’t. I’m sorry if you really like this movie, but I’m not too fond of watching people having sex on screen… Or off. Too graphic. And to think, I really like Ralph Fiennes. I read the description too and I was weary, but then I turned it on, it just was not my cup o’tea. So I turned it off. Bummer.


• The Hundred-Foot Journey
Oh my goodness, there is so much I love about this movie. First off, Helen Mirren is a babe! I want to look just as good as her, when Im her age. Geesh! She wears a nail color in this movie that I want to find! So pretty, its like a frosty dusty pink color. 2. The passion in this movie, of cooking, just amazing. And 3. I love Charlotte Le Bon. She’s just gorgeous! 4. How two cultures can interact with each other. It puts a new perspective on intercultural things.
I just love this movie. I could watch it again and again.


• Blended
It’s a cute movie. I’m not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler, but I liked it. It was funny. It did have some innuendos, but nothing severe. And Drew Barrymore looked stunning in this film. Maybe we should all buy Flower, her cosmetic line from Walmart, and wear it… Since I am convinced that what she was wearing on her face throughout the movie. Cute story line.


• The Other Woman
Hilarious. It was funny. I could easily watch this again. It reminded me of an updated version of First Wives Club with Bette Midler & Goldie Hawn. Unfortunately there is more cussing & innuendos. But definitely a funny. And it all works out in the end. Sorta…


Night at the Mueseum : Secret of the tomb.
I have thoroughly enjoyed watching 1-3 of night at the museum immensely. However, I’m sad to say goodbye to a great trilogy. Their good clean fun lovin’ movies. I love Owen Wilson’s character Jedidiah. And Ben Stiller’s character Larry. Oh, I like all of them really! This last one though is a real tear jerker. I definitely teared up. Pathetic, I know! You have to go see it!

And that’s that! Super fun! I may start doing regular movie reviews on here. We’ll see!
Y’all have a good day!  -Ryn

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